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Nurses Offer Tips for Medical Packaging Design

Nurses work long hours and are an intricate part of our health and wellbeing. They are also on the forefront of the medical devices that we use and the packaging they come in. So when a panel of nurses at HealthPack 2015 gave their feedback on medical device packaging, Thoro took notice. They had good comments and gave great advice regarding some of the changes that are needed. It is for these reasons; Thoro is re-posting in part, the following article from Healthcare Packaging, June 2015.

 For years, HealthPack has presented a nurse’s panel, one of the most popular presentations every year. At Norfolk, nurses again gave very blunt feedback and attendees got to hear firsthand what does, and maybe more importantly, what does not, work when it comes to medical device packaging. The presentation comprised a panel of end users, mostly nurses who were […]

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Color Psychology Continued

With an unlimited number of colors, we had to split this topic into two parts. Here are the remaining colors that are most commonly used.


A color associated with stability and harmony, green is linked to security, wealth and growth. Always a good choice for medical device, pharmaceutical, environmentally-friendly or natural products, green suggests natural, organic and healthy items. Dark green indicates wealth, indulgence and quality, while light or subtle greens suggest environmentally safe and nutritious. Green is often an ideal color to choose, with the addition of decorative finishes or printing in shades of green that will attract your target market.


Orange packaging suggests cost effectiveness, fun and adventure. It suggests something different, an expedition, or an affordable price. Orange means cheerfulness, self-confidence and happiness. It is a passionate and outgoing color. While some variations of orange can give the impression of an inferior product, enhancing the package with another color can change the message and increase the perceived value.


Cheery, positive and uplifting, yellow suggests original ideas and creativity. It’s mentally stimulating, and has also been […]

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Color Psychology – Part One

Color is all around us, but what impact does it really have on our moods, emotions, and behaviors? There is psychology attached to the colors we choose, and the topic of color psychology searches for answers to some of the questions we might have. We hope to answer some of your questions with the following.


White is considered the blank canvas. It communicates goodness, uniformity and new beginnings. As a packaging color, white is safe, unpretentious, and conservative, but a good choice when you want to create a look that’s clean, pure, efficient or simple.


Black is an authoritative color, indicating control and authority. When used as a folding carton color, black tends to stand out and make products appear much more substantial, higher end, with an increased perceived value. It suggests secrecy, refinement and style. As with white or gray, you can add a secondary color to black to change your message. Adding gold or silver foil stamping creates elegance and sophistication to attract an affluent market. Adding red creates an adult or sensual suggestion; (however people of […]

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More Packaging Trends

Back in July, I met with our internal packaging experts to find out what was trending in 2016 with regards to the folding carton industry. Our team was happy to share their insight with you in hopes that it would spark your own creative ideas.

The Thoro team believes it is critical for us to monitor the latest packaging design trends, and the Paperboard Packaging Council is a great resource for that. Recently judged by a panel of packaging design and industry experts, the 72nd annual competition revealed some truly inspiring work. While the winners will be announced at the PPC Fall Meeting in Indianapolis, IN on October 8, 2015, below are a few of the key packaging trends that emerged during the judging.

Geometric Structures Today, package designers are turning to bold, unconventional structures that stimulate imaginations and kindle desires. One popular design strategy seen at this year’s competition was the use of geometric structures with unique angles and sculptural effects. Generally reserved for specialty products, these design elements lend themselves well to paperboard and […]

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Made in Corona

The Mayor’s Message “Made in Corona” has been a yearlong project. The Mayor, Eugene Montanez has taken Corona on a video tour to find out about local businesses as a way to learn more about the City of Corona and the people that contribute to making our community second to none.

These businesses provide many of the products and foods you enjoy Made in Americapurchasing on a regular basis and serve as the foundation for our economic growth and development; thus, strongly influencing and driving the wellbeing of our city.

Thoro Packaging is proud to be featured in the August edition of the Mayor’s Message: Made in Corona. Please set back, relax and watch the video.

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2016 Packaging Trends

With 47 years in the printed folding carton industry, Thoro Packaging has seen many trends come and go. As brands are beginning to plan and design for 2016, now is the time to take a look at what’s coming. I met with our internal packaging experts, who live and breathe folding cartons, and asked them what 2016 looks like for the folding carton packaging industry. Here is some insight they wanted to share with you.

 Special Elements & Textures Draw Attention to Packaging 

The trend for cosmetics is moving away from glossy finishes in favor of satin and matte varnishes. Contrasting sheens are also becoming very popular. Implementing multiple coatings and finishes will engage the senses, and create a unique experience for shoppers, and Soft touch coating will create a velvety smooth feel. A recent study conducted by the California Polytechnic University revealed that cosmetic shoppers were willing to pay 5 percent more for cartons that have a soft touch coating.

With all of the products in the retail market and the battle for shelf presence, Thoro can recommend a […]

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Hooray for the Red, White & Blue…

We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. In celebration, patriotic displays and family events are organized throughout the United States. As we get ready to celebrate our freedom as Americans with parades, elaborate fireworks displays, picnics, and barbeques, our friends at Printing Industries of America would like to remind you to be safe. Please make sure to take extra caution and follow some of these safety tips.

Sun Safety- Protect your skin against the sun with SPF and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

Water Safety- Make sure everyone near the water in pools, ponds, lakes or the ocean has the proper skills to swim; keep an eye on young children and check floatation devices for leaks.

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Hot Foil Stamping… Making Brands Shine

Nothing says “fancy” like foil stamping, but what exactly is it? Foil stamping, hot stamping, or hot foil stamping is the application of metallic foil to paperboard using a heated die. The die presses the foil onto the surface under pressure, leaving the design of the die on the paperboard. Foil stamping is frequently combined with embossing to produce a three dimensional look.

Like embossing and die cutting, foil stamping falls under specialty techniques. No ink is used in the process. Applying heat and pressure to the foil and board leaves behind a reflective design that stands out from the rest of the carton. Hot foil stamping is very precise and can be used with a wide variety of substrates to make a bold statement.  The brilliance of hot foils is unsurpassed, with a wide range of colors such as gold, silver, blue and red. In addition, hot foil stamping also offers different types of foils such as holographic, colored and, patterned foil options. Single level and multi-level embossing is available as well to add dimension […]

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Color Management Experts…

In addition to Thoro’s G7 Master Certification, two of Thoro’s team members are certified G7 Experts. They are in-house quality/technical professionals that attended and passed a G7 Expert/Professional Training program. As defined by the certifying body, Idealliance, “A G7 Expert is an expert in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. A G7 Expert is able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard or specification with repeatable, predictable results.”

The G7 Master Certified program identifies only those printing companies who have been trained to proof and print using the G7 methodology. Thoro Packaging obtained their certification in 2010. Although Printed Sheets 1certification submissions are only required from one printing press, Thoro Packaging has gone the extra mile to improve our quality and qualify all of our printing presses.

G7 Master Printer is a coveted industry certification. Our printing presses have the prevailing technology today, and […]

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Ideas for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

With billions of tons of packaging waste occupying landfills across the world, corporations and their customers are looking for methods that make less of an impact on the planet. Environmentally friendly paperboard packaging is the best choice for so many reasons.

Thoro Packaging has taken all of the work out of searching for environmentally friendly packaging solutions and passing our knowledge on to you. Following are ways to incorporate materials and construction methods that make less of an impact on the planet.

Use recyclable materials. All paperboard grades and calipers are recyclable. If you’re not sure which material will meet your needs, we can help. Both virgin and recycled paperboard come in a variety of calipers and can be adapted to your packaging with ease.

Let your customers know it’s about printing too. Custom mixed vegetable based inks that are mixed onsite, prevent unnecessary waste. They avoid the use of petroleum, and release less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. This makes an overall cleaner quality of air for all of us. The vegetable and low VOC logos […]

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