Packaging for the Senses, Influencing Buyer Decisions

Packaging that appeals to the sense of touch with decorative coatings, and the sense of sight with dazzling embellishments can make the difference between products that sell well and those that are tossed into a sea of discounted merchandise.

These days, striking packaging design and the skilled use of finishing techniques are definitely the order of the day. Folding carton packaging finished to a high standard adds to the perception of the value of the product. This is especially important in today’s highly competitive cosmetic and personal care markets.

If you want a product to sell well, the packaging needs to appeal to all the senses. Only then can the product breakthrough in an over-saturated market be differentiated from comparable products. Packaging that seduces customers emotionally, making skilled use of a variety of print finishing techniques, brings forth the famous “wow” factor and achieves success.

This is a trend that all parties in the packaging supply chain are increasingly focused on, particularly in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market. There is no doubt that the buying decision is […]

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Spring Starts this Week

Spring starts this week, and it looks like our purses are springing up in local gardens. Thank you Patty!

If you don’t have your own Thoro handbag that has popped up in your garden, just send us an email at and type “I Want a Handbag” in the subject line and we will send one to you.


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Artwork to “Die” For

A BIG THANK YOU to Artist Betsy Enzensberger for the beautiful art piece, Magnetic, Mixed Media with Resin.

This particular piece is called “Magnetic” and represents the ocean floor. Betsy’s creation started with a re-purposed die board. The board was painted, paper was used for the pattern and a resin coating was added. Other materials she used include thread, twigs, and the existing die board components of wood, rubber and metal. This beautiful work of art made from recycled materials is currently hanging here in the Thoro office.

Betsy comes from generations of artists. She was encouraged to create art at a very young age. While excelling in the subject, she followed her heart and graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Abstract Painting. Betsy uses travel to continually spark her creativity and influence her styles of painting. She is currently embarking on a series using up-cycled die boards and resin. As a member of the Los Angeles Arts Association, she exhibits her works in the Los Angeles area.

You can see more of Betsey’s creativity at 

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4th of July Memories

July is finally here! It goes without saying that July is one of the hottest months of the year. We are so happy summer is finally here, and to celebrate, Thoro Packaging asked our employees to share with us their most memorable 4th of July Memory. Entries were judged by both content and creativity. The winning prize for the contest was a 36” motorized, remote control boat, perfect for the lake.

Congratulations to Andrea Percy from our Marketing department who was our big winner this year with the following entry…

My best 4th of July memory is not all rainbows and butterflies, but what occurred as a result of the events was a positive change. I was 10 years old and my mom’s whole family gathered at Yucaipa Regional Park to celebrate our independence with a day of picnicking, fishing, sports and family time. We set up camp early to spend the whole day playing, and planned to stay for the fireworks show that evening. I was having a blast enjoying […]

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Creative Package Engineering

The creative challenge to Thoro was to create a paperboard version of the customer’s current foam structure. The biomedical customer requested the conversion to save on cost, time and inventory space.

All of their goals were accomplished by our structural design team. They examined the existing foam structure and created a paperboard version that contains 24 cutouts, just like its foam counterpart, with an internal piece to help keep the vials stable.

The interior die cut components also protect the product as well as ensure the integrity of the package.

No matter what your healthcare folding carton requirements are, Thoro can partner with you to create the perfect solution.

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Green with Envy

Pantone_2013Last week Pantone unveiled the hot new color for 2013, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald. They described this color as “lively, radiant and lush, it’s a color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Emerald green gave the capital city of Oz its signature tint and it was the sacred stone of the Greek goddess Venus.

Today, emerald green is used in everything from dresses and pendants to race cars and decorative house products. This rich jewel tone has already impacted fall fashion and is expected to carry through to the top designer spring lines with added complementary colors of champagne gold, French blue, and rich, deep shades of purple. For packaging, green can pop as a primary color, signaling your products as sophisticated, or perhaps slightly seductive. Use green as an attention grabber to highlight key messages, features and promotions. Consider incorporating images infused with emerald green and other rich colors.

What’s your favorite color?

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Custom Promotional Basket Anyone?

1671Whether it’s a consumer marketed gift item or a customer appreciation gift, make sure the packaging is just as memorable as the gift inside.  Sure anyone can purchase a standard gift basket, bag or box for their gift, but why not make it uniquely yours and display your brand and important message?

Thoro loves helping our customers design a unique packaging concept to hold their special event, gift or holiday item.  So when our customer Maw ‘N Paw Kettlekorn asked us to create a reusable, basket on 100% recycled board to fit four of their customer favorite varieties, our design team “popped out” some great basket alternatives.  Now they have a promotional paperboard basket that is eco-friendly, economical, looks great AND lets everyone know what company delivers the best kettlekorn gifts!

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Anna Vanover Adds Her Artistic Talents to the Riverside Art Museum’s Raincross Bell

rivside_art_museumOur Thoro team member’s sister-in-law is an amazing, talented artist and she was commissioned to paint Riverside’s iconic symbol

It was a simple idea: Take the bell, part of Riverside’s iconic symbol, and decorate it for the holidays. Artist, Anna Vanover was commissioned to paint the 300 pound bell that hangs in the Riverside Art Museum. She spent about eight hours spread over four sessions painting holiday scenes around the bell’s entire circumference.

Anna’s finished work is in the December/January issue of Riverside Magazine and may be viewed in person at the Riverside Art Museum until at least Jan. 8, the final night of the Festival of Lights.

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Have you seen our “fun” photos?

Recently the Thoro Sales Team got together for some new photos for our bios and website. We planed to take a professional head-shot like you see so often for realtors, accountants, attorneys, etc. “Sit up straight”, “wear a dark suit jacket”, “tilt your head slightly”; so we did. But then we thought “wouldn’t it be fun to share a little bit of our personality—who we are—with our customers.” I hope you all like looking at our “fun” photos as much as we enjoyed doing them. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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