Everything Is Coming Up Orchid in 2014

orchidEverything Is Coming Up Orchid in 2014…

Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s color of the year. It inspires confidence and imparts joy, love and health. Choosing the color of the year requires careful consideration and, to arrive at the decision, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences.

For more than a decade, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design.

Pantone says radiant orchid will dominate printing, packaging and product design for the next 12 months. Please let us know how you’ll incorporate this lively hue into your folding cartons in 2014.

Let your creativity shine!

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Alda Escobar Contributes Her Artistic Talents to the Corona Airport Café

airplane_pic_2Our very own Thoro team member, Alda Escobar is an amazing, talented artist. Recently, she was commissioned to create an aviation-themed painting for the once grounded Corona Airport Café.

Alda’s mixed media black and white painting was created using 90% acrylic, it measures 35″ x 35″ and took approximately 25 hours to complete. Her painting is a dramatic interpretation of a 747 turbine and looks completely at home, hanging on the wall of the café.

The Thoro team is happy to see the Corona Airport Café take flight again. It has great food and a rich history dating back to 1974. Pilots would fly in for breakfast specials that were worth the ride. Some of the most note worthy diners of the past were Harrison Ford, John Travolta and Steve McQueen.

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Thoro Packaging – Your Security Expert

security_inksIn the world we live in, counterfeiting is a fast growing problem measured in billions of dollars of lost revenue annually. Thoro Packaging offers an assortment of security features to help manufacturers protect their products and brands.

Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is a growing problem that poses public health and safety concerns for consumers and law enforcement agencies, and also creates financial concerns for legitimate global businesses. Protection for your brand requires counter-measures that prevent, detect, and respond to this global crime.

Thoro has a wide range of anti-counterfeit solutions that represent an innovative and proven approach in delivering patient safety, supply chain integrity and pharmaceutical and medical brand protection. We also offer multiple production features that can enhance your security and increase the difficulty of counterfeiting.

Call Thoro today for a packaging security solution.

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Tamper Evident Cartons by Thoro Packaging

Pharmaceutical products need extreme care in regards to their packaging. They require maximum protection, identification, information, convenience, presentation; and the folding carton can be tamper evident just like the primary packaging.

As a leading manufacturer of folding cartons for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, Thoro designs and produces packaging that is available with special security features. We offer covert and overt technology, and tamper evident packaging that provides security.

As experts in the area of pharmaceutical packaging, Thoro has established various designs, that upon opening will show whether the carton has been opened previously and provide visual evidence to the consumer that tampering has occurred.

With the growing demand for folding cartons and secondary packaging, pharmaceuticals need to be tamper evident. Call Thoro for more information.

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Producing the Human Touch for Our Medical and Pharmaceutical Customers

In 1825, Frenchman Louis Braille (1809-1852) invented a reading system for the blind through which the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks were represented in a tangible form via a series of raised dots. The Braille system established itself internationally and is now in use in all languages.

Thoro Packaging has the capability to meet the precise requirements of Braille embossing. The dots of the Braille text on folding cartons must be clearly distinct by human touch and visual by the sighted. The visually impaired need very strong Braille embossing to enable them to read the text. Embossing can lead to breaks in the carton surface which could impair legibility and visual aesthetics for sighted people. The target must be to achieve a compromise so that both blind and sighted patients can easily identify their medicine and dosage.

For Braille to be read by a blind person, the dots of each cell must be distinct by touch with sufficient height. Accurate depth and height is essential for Braille to perform without error and total precision […]

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Refresh Your Packaging

One of the best ways you can capture the attention of consumers in-store is to refresh your packaging. Take a step forward with your cartons and present your products with a new feel, graphic design or carton structure. This can catch the eye of existing customers, and open the product up to new audiences.

Many companies evaluate folding carton packaging only when sales are down or when a new product is about to launch. Don’t think of refreshing your packaging as a project with an end date; instead, the progression of your packaging should be a regular conversation as your brand strategy evolves.

Thoro Packaging will help guide you through the entire folding carton refresh process, offering advice and insight along the way in an effort to maximize quality and creativity.

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Give Your Customers a Sneak Peek with Creative Die Cut Windows

The folding carton is the primary connection between your product and your customer. One of the easiest and most creative ways to make that connection and build excitement with customers is to give them a sneak peek at your product through the carton.

The best way to give customers a sneak peek is with custom die cut windows on your folding carton packaging. They can be used to highlight the unique shape of your product, increase shelf impact, and create interest and enthusiasm.

In today’s marketplace when wanting to impress the customer, it often takes more than ink on paperboard. For projects needing that “something more” the post-press processes can add those all-important finishing touches that attract customer attention and stand apart from the competition. Processes such as foil stamping, embossing, or special UV coatings are fabulous finishing choices. But sometimes a simple or extravagant peek-a-boo die cut can put your cartons over the top.

If you can imagine the shape, Thoro can create it.


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Creative Package Engineering

The creative challenge to Thoro was to create a paperboard version of the customer’s current foam structure. The biomedical customer requested the conversion to save on cost, time and inventory space.

All of their goals were accomplished by our structural design team. They examined the existing foam structure and created a paperboard version that contains 24 cutouts, just like its foam counterpart, with an internal piece to help keep the vials stable.

The interior die cut components also protect the product as well as ensure the integrity of the package.

No matter what your healthcare folding carton requirements are, Thoro can partner with you to create the perfect solution.

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Green with Envy

Pantone_2013Last week Pantone unveiled the hot new color for 2013, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald. They described this color as “lively, radiant and lush, it’s a color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Emerald green gave the capital city of Oz its signature tint and it was the sacred stone of the Greek goddess Venus.

Today, emerald green is used in everything from dresses and pendants to race cars and decorative house products. This rich jewel tone has already impacted fall fashion and is expected to carry through to the top designer spring lines with added complementary colors of champagne gold, French blue, and rich, deep shades of purple. For packaging, green can pop as a primary color, signaling your products as sophisticated, or perhaps slightly seductive. Use green as an attention grabber to highlight key messages, features and promotions. Consider incorporating images infused with emerald green and other rich colors.

What’s your favorite color?

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Did You Know?

newlase_0Consumers are saving money by buying cosmetic kits that contain various components of an entire makeup routine or skin-care regimen. Make your kit out of sustainable paperboard, including the insert. Thoro has made many, many inserts out of a variety of different sustainable paperboard weights. The insert can be printed to match the great eye-catching graphics that the outer box displays.

As the majority of these kits are made from paperboard, they are laid out in an aesthetically pleasing and effective manner. The products are all held in place during shipping and arrive at the retailer’s door in a neat display, ready to go. The kit cartons also provide security while still allowing for a great product presentation.

Thoro Packaging can design the perfect kit carton for your products, including pharmaceutical, diagnostic and reagent test kits.

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