Customer’s Commitment Wins the Green!

green_heartThoro is happy to announce that our customer was honored as the winner of the Green Award at the 18th Annual Association for Corporate Growth Awards Gala in Orange County.

This prestigious award was given to them for their many initiatives that have resulted in a very earth friendly company, including their green packaging.

Congratulations to everyone for making great strides in benefiting people, while protecting our planet! Thoro Packaging is proud to be your partner.

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Thoro Packaging Teams Up with Local Schools During National Paperboard Packaging Week

ticcit_oneThoro Packaging presented the TICCIT program (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) and donated 50 tree saplings to three community schools. Students from second to eighth grade were presented with a curriculum about the natural renewability of paperboard packaging and its recyclability.

Thoro was thrilled to once again have the opportunity to teach school kids about paperboard, trees, and recycling. The TICCIT program is a great way to demonstrate how fun and easy it is to take care of the Earth. It’s also a great opportunity to engage the future leaders of America in a fun and earth-friendly activity.

This year’s sapling is a Ponderosa Pine, which is native to the Western United States and provides lots of shade. TICCIT is held during National Paperboard Packaging Week.

This year it took place from April 22 – 26. For more information about TICCIT, visit


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More Impact on Your Customers, Less on the Environment

Aluminum Foil Board Laminates and Metalized Film Laminated Boards are beautiful. They add dazzle, and beauty to any folding carton. The problem is they may not fit into your sustainable packaging projects and goals.

If your objective is to revamp your packaging to be more eco-friendly, and you don’t want to lose that shelf presence, Thoro is happy to introduce Envirofoil®.

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Google is Changing Their Tune

In the beginning of January 2013, Google launched a campaign “Go Paperless in 2013”. Thoro Packaging is happy to report that Michael Makin, President and CEO of Printing Industries of America, brought the green-washing to light this past Tuesday. He sent anopen letter to Google’s CEO, challenging the campaign as “another example of a self-interested organization using an environmentally focused marketing campaign to promote its services while ignoring its own impact upon the environment.” Google cited many common misconceptions about print in their campaign, which they have since retracted thanks to the efforts of the PIA and other organizations. Click here to read more about this campaign.

“Private landowners plant about 4 million trees every day, which is 3-4 times more than they harvest…” according to the PIA as cited in the flipbook The Value of Print. As Michael Makin mentioned in his open letter to Google, “…today our country has 20 percent more trees than it did on the first Earth Day, which was held more than 40 years ago.”

The printing industry is among the […]

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You Can Carbon Offset Your Cartons

Thoro Packaging’s partnership with natureOffice provides all of our customers with the opportunity to buy carbon offsets from Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods to reduce the effect of their carbon footprint.

Agriculture and clear cut lumber practices of the past century have eliminated over 90% of the koa forests. This pattern has been repeated all over the world with the International Tropical Timber Organization predicting, that at our current rate of clearing, we have less than 14 years of prized tropical hardwoods left to cut (as of 2009). At that point, the resource will either be completely depleted or will exist only in protected areas.

hlh_logoHawaiian Legacy Hardwoods is working with landowners who take their stewardship seriously. Their mission is to bring the tropical forest back to America. Tropical hardwoods are disappearing from the world at an alarming rate and Hawaii is the only location in the United States capable of growing a wide variety of tropical rainforest hardwoods.


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Paper Recovery Data

ppc_logo_low_rezAccording to the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA), 2011 paper recovery increased by 1.2 million tons to 66.8% compared to 63.5% in 2010.

Data shows that 30% of the paper and paperboard recovered in the United States went into producing corrugated boxes. 11% went to producing boxboard which includes gypsum wall board and folding cartons.

To remain a sustainability leader, the paper industry is setting a goal to further increase their paper recovery for recycle rate to exceed 70% by 2020.

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Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees

ticcit_photoTICCIT (pronounced ticket) was adopted by the Paperboard Packaging Council in honor of Earth Day, Arbor Day, and is part of National Paperboard Packaging Week. This special week was created by Thoro Packaging’s own Dianne Vanover.

In 2011, eighteen companies throughout the United States have gone into schools to share the renewability and sustainability of paperboard packaging and communicate the enormous impact and value that trees have on our environment.

Thoro Packaging is the only Southern California company to offer this program to the youth of our communities. We will provide native saplings to the school, and the classroom can be proud of the enhancements that the donated trees have brought to their campus.

If you have a student in the third, forth or fifth grade and would like more information on how your school can participate, please contact Dianne Vanover at or at 951-280-5056.

Congratulations to the participating paper and packaging companies, and schools who planted over 8,400 trees last year!

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Specialty Paper Makes Going Green Bright White

neena_greenNeenah Paper has introduced new 18pt – 24pt 100% post consumer recycled folding board. For our customers looking for a truly recycled board without compromising on print surface, brightness and strength, this new folding board is a beautiful choice.

And Neenah’s Environment line is part of their Carbon Neutral Plus certified brands; manufactured with carbon credits applied to investments in energy conservation and renewable energy resources. Choosing to use Neehah Environment board along with Thoro’s Carbon Neutral printing option, would make your packaging completely carbon neutral from paper to the shelf!

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