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Packaging is a Key Component in Branding

Folding carton packaging is one of the key components in your product’s branding. Make sure you are using it to its full potential by making it work harder for you. Your folding carton packaging offers you prime billboard space to send a strong message to your customers, including brand benefits, values and the promise of your product.

Folding carton packaging is an advertisement for your product. It is your in-store sales person. Just like any advertising medium, your folding cartons must capture the consumer’s attention, draw them in and most importantly, sell your product.

It doesn’t sound like an easy task, but with the right mix of a great structure, copy, graphics and finishing techniques, you can accomplish the perfect way to tell your brand story and connect with consumers. But what is the best way to create folding carton packaging that incorporates all of these attributes?

Here are five factors that can help you create packaging that works as an advertisement for your brand and product.

Texture & Dimension – Brands can benefit from special effects to help […]

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Be Our Guest at the MD&M and WestPack Shows

Be Our Guest at the MD&M and WestPack Shows – February 9-11, 2016

For over 30 years, MD&M and WestPack have been a trusted resource for every aspect of medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and cosmetic development. No matter where you are in the product development life cycle, it’s not too early to begin your folding carton packaging design.

Visit us at MD&M in booth 1955 or WestPack in booth 5282. Tons of advice and inspiration on the subject of packaging design will be available to you from our creative resource team. Admission is free.

You will have the chance to meet with our dedicated, knowledgeable staff, see product samples with our diverse capabilities, and learn about new folding carton technologies and trends. Including ThoroColor™, it provides a budget friendly solution for short-runs (50-100,000 pieces) including unlimited colors and UV coating. Color sells, so make your packaging graphics more brilliant. ThoroBrilliance™ enhances your packaging with color range and intensity that cannot be achieved with traditional printing.WestPack 2016

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Thoro Packaging Wins Manufacturing Award

Congratulations to the Thoro Packaging team for winning the Corona Chamber of Commerce 2016 Excellence in Manufacturing Award.

Each year, the CORONA Chamber of Commerce recognizes individuals and companies for their outstanding achievements and service. The award winners must also demonstrate excellence, contribute to the health of the business community, and provide a forum for showcasing those businesses.

“Thoro Packaging is a pioneering company that has truly made its mark on Corona and across the globe,” said Mayor Eugene Montanez. “Their state-of-the-art facility and visionary team take partnership to the next level. Catering to unique needs and producing eye-catching product packaging for businesses of all sizes. With 150,000 square feet and 185 employees, Thoro Packaging is a diverse employer who has contributed significantly to the economic makeup of our city. We’re proud that they moved to Corona over 25 years ago, and we look forward to their future growth and success!”

Thoro Packaging is a Southern California manufacturer of specialty printed folding carton packaging. We are known worldwide for creative design, and manufacturing cost effective and purposeful […]

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Communicating Sustainability to Consumers

Sustainability is no longer an optional focus for brands, it is now a necessity to stay competitive. Consumers expect brands to place the environment and being “green” as a top priority, just as consumers do in their daily lives. There are recycling cans everywhere, more people choosing hybrid and electric vehicles, solar power has become more accessible and plastic bag bans are in effect in major cities. Green is no longer a trendy thing, it is a way of life.

Many brands have had sustainability programs for years, but communicating these initiatives to consumers has been a challenge. Consumers are skeptical. Corporate sustainability programs can sometimes come across as lacking authenticity, messages are not always clear or lack validation, and often these messages never reach the consumer at all. What better place to communicate sustainability than right on the package that the sits on the store shelf and goes home with the consumer. Put the information in their hands, and make it about what impacts the consumer and the environment.

With so many sustainable packaging options, messages […]

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The Inland Empire Top Workplaces 2015

The Inland Empire Top Workplaces 2015

Thoro Packaging was honored last night by the Press Enterprise as one of the Top Workplaces in 2015. Thoro took top honors among ten midsized companies.

300 companies were invited to participate. The Press Enterprise recognized 35 Companies and Organizations in the Inland Empire as Top Workplaces 2015. These companies have been recognized as Top Workplaces based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees.

The Press-Enterprise is in the second year of its Top Workplaces awards program, recognizing the top companies in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The program has grown significantly. In the first year, 3,000 employees from a dozen companies took time to share their opinions about their work places. This year, more than 9,000 employees from several dozen Inland Empire companies participated.

Top Workplaces are not only better places to work but are more likely to be successful than peer organizations.

To learn more about Top Workplaces, read the Friday, December 11 edition of the Press –Enterprise.

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Thoro Placed First

Congratulations to the Thoro team! The results are in, and Thoro Packaging has placed first in the Heavyweight class for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge.

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge (UFC) sponsored by Sonic Boom, was based on how much activity time participants racked up over the entire month of October.  Whether it was walking, running, dancing, or bike riding… the goal was to just keep moving!  There were over 3,000 participants and 61 teams county-wide.

The winners of the UFC will have proven themselves to be the most active, eager and dedicated Boomers of the bunch!  But if health improvement and bragging rights aren’t enough, Sonic Boom is donating $1,000 to the charity of choice for each winner! The Thoro team chose the American Cancer Society.

Sonic Boom provides a wide variety of worksite wellness challenges, wellness activities, social challenges, and epic contests. Members earn points for participating in healthy lifestyle camaraderie, losing needed weight, maintaining an ideal weight, and even for gaining needed weight.

For over 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and […]

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Thoro Packaging Named Best Workplace in the Americas in 2015 Competition

Thoro Packaging Named Best Workplace in the Americas

Corona, CA – November 9, 2015 – Thoro Packaging has been awarded the designation, Best Workplace in the Americas 2015, for their exemplary human resources practices.  Begun to specifically honor printing companies that provide a superior work environment, the Best Workplace in the Americas program was created in 2000 and is run by Printing Industries of America.

A panel of highly respected HR professionals with decades of experience in the graphic arts industry reviewed the submissions. All of the winning companies actively show their employees that they care about their work environment, their personal goals and ambitions, as well as the needs of the company.   Applicants were judged on eight criteria: Management Practices; Work Environment; Training and Development Opportunities; Financial Security; Workplace Health and Safety; Work-Life Balance; Recognition and Rewards; and Health and Wellness Programs.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the industry as a company that offers a superior workplace,” said Jan Steiner, President/CEO.

Michael Makin, president and […]

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Right Size Packaging

Have you ever purchased a health or beauty item, opened up the substantially sized carton only to find a minuscule amount of product? Over-packaging is a problem which seems to be on the rise during a time when it really should be on the decline.

We’re not here to shame anyone, but to lend a hand. Thoro can help you customize your folding cartons by designing the right-size packaging for all your products to maximize performance and shelf presence.

First and foremost, our structural designers will think about protecting your product and will size the box appropriately. While there’s a correct size for the product, there is also a correct size for the retail atmosphere where it will be displayed and sold. A very small product might need a larger box or panel to carry all the information shoppers need to make a purchasing decision, or to meet FDA label requirements.

The majority of consumers assess the value of a product by the packaging and with so many products out there, packaging design is more important than ever.

Kit […]

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2015 North American Paperboard Packaging Competition

The winners of the 2015 North American Paperboard Packaging Competition were honored in Indianapolis at the annual awards gala. Administered and hosted by the PPC and judged by a jury of packaging professionals, industry experts, and professors, the North American Paperboard Packaging Competition is the premier competition for carton manufacturers involved in the concept, design, print, performance, and shelf appeal of paperboard packaging. Thoro Packaging received four awards this year, three Gold Awards and one Excellence Award.

  • Limited Edition Nail Color Collection● Jessica Cosmetics – Gold Award
  • 2015 WestPack Self-Promotional ● Thoro Packaging – Gold Award
  • 2014 Christmas Self-Promotional ● Thoro Packaging – Gold Award
  • 2015 BioMed/MD & M Self-Promotional ● Thoro Packaging – Excellence Award

Congratulations to the Thoro Packaging team for continuing a tradition of folding carton excellence that remains at the core of our business. We are proud to be among those who have made our industry great.

Call Thoro Packaging to find out more about award winning folding carton packaging for your brand.



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The Power of Printed Sleeves

Tailor your ordinary folding carton packaging with custom printed paperboard sleeves.  A custom printed sleeve is a packaging addition that can partially or entirely cover your cartons or products while allowing you the ability to add branding and information that will visually attract your customers.

Enhancing your cartons with sleeves can customize your packaging, provide added branding, allow you to change your packaging design per season or promotion, or add some extra bling.

A paperboard sleeve can be a cost effective packaging solution which allows the product to be viewed from the sides or from the top and bottom. Sleeves are regularly used for high end cosmetics, personal care, custom medical device boxes, and software products.

Don’t get stuck in a rut with a straight line sleeve. Thoro Packaging has the technology to create custom, unique shaped sleeves and bring a distinctive look to your folding cartons.

The addition of cutouts on sleeves allows your customers to see your logo on the carton or the contents of a clear container, showcasing your product. Die cuts can be used to […]

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