Quality and innovation are key factors to successful packaging. The healthcare industry’s rigid standards can make it difficult to find the ideal supplier for any packaging component. Folding cartons must meet the strict regulatory standards of the FDA as well as internal specifications and standards. It is important to choose a packaging manufacturer who not only has experience working with the medical device, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech brands, but who also understands the intricacies of the healthcare packaging industry.


First and foremost, quality is everything. Whether it is for the medical, pharmaceutical, or the bio-tech industry; one thing is certain, quality is essential. If you have short runs for clinical trials, or a product launching, you expect your packaging to be of the highest quality. Quality is not only represented in your finished product. Quality is actually reflected in every stage of the packaging design and manufacturing process from customer service, samples, prepress, ensuring all components fit your vision, to the final end product you ship to your customer.

There are many factors that result in great quality packaging.  Attention to detail, automated quality systems, and rigid quality procedures are just a few.  Over the years, Thoro has become a premier company in the demanding field of healthcare packaging by supporting ever-evolving quality control needs at every level. With automated quality systems and procedures, as well as certifications including ISO 9001:2008 and the G7 Master Printer, we continuously thrive for unmatched quality and value. Above all, our team is committed to ensuring your packaging reflects your vision from beginning to end.


Innovation is the process of introducing new methods, ideas, or products. The packaging industry is always evolving, and with that comes the need for new and innovative ideas. The healthcare industry is a perfect example of one where innovation is in constant demand. Intricate medical devices may not always be an easy component to design packaging around, but with the right resources and creativity it is not impossible.

Creativity, advanced technology and the willingness to push boundaries are key components to innovation. Thoro’s creative team of craftsmen and packaging experts is eager to find the innovative solution that fits your brand’s needs. Consequently our commitment to research and development has resulted in unique solutions for many Fortune 500 medical device, and pharmaceutical companies. Our structural design team is able to design and create packaging to bring your vision to life with unique functionality.  New technology is an integral part of our manufacturing process to allow us to add value for our customers.

Working with Thoro you get the comfort of knowing you are receiving unparalleled quality, but also unmatched customer service. We strive to be the go to resource for any packaging questions one may have. To learn more about how our innovative packaging solutions can help your brand grow, contact Andrea Percy at apercy@thoropkg.com.