With 47 years in the printed folding carton industry, Thoro Packaging has seen many trends come and go. As brands are beginning to plan and design for 2016, now is the time to take a look at what’s coming. I met with our internal packaging experts, who live and breathe folding cartons, and asked them what 2016 looks like for the folding carton packaging industry. Here is some insight they wanted to share with you.

 Special Elements & Textures Draw Attention to Packaging 

The trend for cosmetics is moving away from glossy finishes in favor of satin and matte varnishes. Contrasting sheens are also becoming very popular. Implementing multiple coatings and finishes will engage the senses, and create a unique experience for shoppers, and Soft touch coating will create a velvety smooth feel. A recent study conducted by the California Polytechnic University revealed that cosmetic shoppers were willing to pay 5 percent more for cartons that have a soft touch coating.

With all of the products in the retail market and the battle for shelf presence, Thoro can recommend a combination of coatings and print so your cartons can standout from the crowd.

 Structural Packaging Is In

More than in, structural packaging is the new “it” factor that helps brands and products transform an ordinary folding carton concept into a truly unique packaging design that stands out. Thoro’s design specialists are always elevating folding cartons, and engineering new designs to create a presentation and distinction on the store shelf. This falls inline with customers that are asking for an all-inclusive approach to carton design. They want to see the whole picture before production.

Combination Substrates Are Big

Packaging designers are having fun these days by bringing together multiple substrates to create a unique look. With so many substrates to choose from, the combinations can be infinite. Often a traditional substrate, such as SBS paperboard, is paired with a foil. They come together for a unique, high-end look.

The One Trend That Won’t Go Out of Style

While materials, coatings and other elements of packaging may go in and out of fashion, there is one trend that won’t go away—unique folding cartons. To learn about innovative folding carton solutions, call our packaging experts today, at 951-278-2100.