A BIG THANK YOU to Artist Betsy Enzensberger for the beautiful art piece, Magnetic, Mixed Media with Resin.

This particular piece is called “Magnetic” and represents the ocean floor. Betsy’s creation started with a re-purposed die board. The board was painted, paper was used for the pattern and a resin coating was added. Other materials she used include thread, twigs, and the existing die board components of wood, rubber and metal. This beautiful work of art made from recycled materials is currently hanging here in the Thoro office.

Betsy comes from generations of artists. She was encouraged to create art at a very young age. While excelling in the subject, she followed her heart and graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Abstract Painting. Betsy uses travel to continually spark her creativity and influence her styles of painting. She is currently embarking on a series using up-cycled die boards and resin. As a member of the Los Angeles Arts Association, she exhibits her works in the Los Angeles area.

You can see more of Betsey’s creativity at http://www.betsyenzensberger.com/ or follow her on Facebook www.facebook.com/enzensberger for current updates.