Pokémon GO will let you travel between the real and virtual world. It’s the most popular and widely known example of Augmented Reality. Did you know the same technology is available for your packaging? Are you looking for new ways to engage your customers on the retail shelf by way of your folding cartons? Would you like to attract your customers by using technology, while entertaining them in a variety of ways?

Augmented Reality could be your answer. It uses technology to engage, inform, interact and entertain your customer. Augmented Reality is a fantastic way for your customers to really experience what your product is about and what it has to offer.

Augmented Reality, often referred to as AR, visually links the digital and real worlds. It has a direct connection between the tactile and tangible world of packaging and the consumer’s mobile/electronic environment, allowing for interaction.

 By combining AR with the packaging production process, you are able to create your message and control information, ensuring quality of delivery, monitoring and rapidly adapting packaging with any brand needs.

AR works when the product packaging is viewed using the AR app. This links the reality on screen to a pre-set digital augmentation. These items appear simultaneously on screen and work effortlessly together.

How people buy is changing. Utilizing Augmented Reality allows your brand to become the in-store sales person, promoting and selling your product directly to the consumer. AR gives power to the consumer and has full visibility and traceability for the brand owner.

Interested in Augmented Reality for your folding carton packaging? Solutions can range from embedding the technology into an existing app, creating a new branded app, or building for existing AR readers. Content such as 3D images, video and sound can also be delivered through the app.

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The Purse AR app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.