Is your packaging sustainable?

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility have changed the manner in which businesses operate; what was once an optional strategy is now becoming more of an expected way of doing business. At Thoro Packaging we take great pride in the numerous sustainable packaging options available to our customers. Carbon neutral-printing is one method used to help brands reach their sustainability goals.

Did you know that carbon-neutral printing could help reduce your carbon footprint? Reducing your carbon footprint is more important than ever, and consumers are now expecting companies to take the initiative and be more sustainable.

What causes carbon emissions?

According to the EPA, the United States is currently the second largest producer of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) in the world. Carbon Dioxide is produced from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil. It is then removed from the atmosphere when plants absorb it as part of the natural carbon cycle.

Due to the increased knowledge of greenhouse gases and their effects around the world, companies are now looking for more ways to be sustainable and in turn reduce their carbon footprint.

In 2011 Thoro Packaging partnered with natureOffice, a company devoted to making companies sustainable, to offer our customers the option of carbon-neutral printing. Just this past year alone, Thoro customers offset nearly 300lbs of carbon emissions through printing their packaging carbon-neutral.

How does carbon neutral printing work?

Printing carbon-neutral simply means that all carbon emissions from the production of your packaging, are offset by credits. Those credits support the carbon sequestration or renewable project of your choice which you can read more about here. Each project comes with a personal identification number so that you, and your customer can track the carbon emissions being offset from start to finish.

What is the benefit to carbon neutral printing?

Carbon-neutral printing supports your company’s strategy for reducing carbon emissions and becoming sustainable. Also, by effectively communicating your commitment to climate change, you enjoy the added value of enhancing your brand and improving your business.

For more information on carbon-neutral printing and sustainable packaging, please contact Andrea Percy at or call us at 951-278-2100.