Thoro On Top

Thoro on top…on top of Mt. Whitney that is. Our very own Sales Representative, Paul Read and a group of five friends hiked to the summit of Mt. Whitney. I would encourage you to take a few minutes and read about Paul’s experience in his own words.

On August 25, 2011, five good friends and I accomplished a goal together that we set as a group in January, 2011. That was to successfully climb Mt. Whitney, just above Lone Pine, California. This started as conversation in October, 2010 while hiking the foothills of the Northern San Fernando Valley.

While we were all gung-ho, we were all terribly out of shape. For most of us it had been many years since we had done any back-packing or serious hiking. “It had been 40 years since I last failed at an attempt to summit Mt. Whitney, and none of my friends had attempted it at all”.  Although the Mt. Whitney trail is well maintained and the summit can be attained by anybody in good physical shape, more than 50% […]