Thoro Celebrates National Paperboard Packaging Week

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the schools and the YMCA for participating in the TICCIT program this year.

Thoro Packaging presented the TICCIT program (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) to approximately 300 school age children and donated 100 tree saplings. Students from kindergarten to eighth grade were presented with a curriculum about the natural renewability of paperboard packaging and its recyclability.

Thoro was thrilled to once again have the opportunity to teach school kids about paperboard, trees, and recycling. The TICCIT program is a great way to demonstrate how fun and easy it is to take care of the Earth. It’s also a great opportunity to engage the future leaders of America in a fun and earth-friendly activity.

This year’s donated saplings are a Ponderosa Pine, which is native to the Western United States and provides lots of shade.

TICCIT is held during National Paperboard Packaging Week. This year it took place from April 21– 25. For more information about TICCIT, visit

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Creatively Recycling Paperboard Roll Cores…

Recycling is one of the most important keys to solving the world’s solid waste problems. Because landfills are filling Cat Condos from Coresup and disposal costs have risen sharply, alternative waste elimination programs have become necessary for industry throughout the world.

Thoro Packaging realizes its responsibility to the environment and recycles all paperboard and related waste generated during the manufacturing process.

Reusing materials is an easy and fun way to produce less waste. A local company uses our paper roll cores in the design and manufacturing of the ultimate chic and modern cat furniture. The thick cardboard tubes previously went to the landfill, but now they provide homes for happy felines all throughout Southern California and beyond, enhancing their lives and the people that love them.

Thoro diverts approximately 32 tons of roll cores per year from landfills, through re-purposing and recycling.


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Thoro Packaging announces the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

In an effort to meet the future demand of electric cars, Thoro Packaging is proud to announce the installation of our first EV Charging Stationelectronic vehicle charging stations at our Corona manufacturing facility.

There has been a recent surge in employee and customer EV ownership, including our President, Jan Steiner. The installation gives our customers and Thoro staff easy access to “charging up” while they work.

This EV installation adds to an extensive list of ongoing efforts by Thoro Packaging to reduce our carbon footprint and reinforce our commitment to becoming leaders in sustainable practices.

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Thoro Packaging Goes the Distance for NEUTROGENA®

Johnson & Johnson recently profiled Thoro Packaging in an online piece about delivering quality, diversity and Janet Steinersustainability. You can read the entire article here by clicking on the image.

“If we provide great products and services at a competitive price, and we happen to be woman-owned,” everybody wins.”

~ Janet Steiner, President-CEO, Thoro Packaging

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TICCIT 2014 is Coming!

TICCIT 2014 is ComingThoro Packaging is Helping Local Schools Celebrate Earth Day
Seeking local schools to benefit from the TICCIT Program

Corona, CA, March 6, 2014/Thoro Packaging/  Every year, Thoro Packaging visits local elementary schools in the Inland Empire, in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day, as part of the Paperboard Packaging Council’s TICCIT Program (“Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees”), to educate students on paper, trees, and recycling. Thoro is currently seeking schools to participate in the 2014 program being held the week of April 21-25. All costs are covered by Thoro, as their way to give back to our community, planet, and future generations.

The President  of Thoro and her staff, visit 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms, to present the TICCIT Program which promotes tree planting as a way to highlight the need for recycling paperboard products. The students will learn about the life cycle of a tree, the natural renewability and sustainability of paper, as well as the benefits of recycling. Each school receives […]

Increase Shelf Appeal with the PPC Recyclable Logo

ppc_logo_low_rez_0Customers need constant reminders to recycle their paperboard packaging. The Paperboard Packaging Council has designed a recycle logo that can be printed on paperboard boxes to clearly indicate to consumers that the package can—and should be—recycled after use. The PPC Recyclable Logo was designed to be printed directly onto packaging and is a clear way to remind customers to “do the right thing” by properly disposing of package waste in curbside recycling bins after use.

Thoro Packaging is licensed to use this logo and there is no additional charge to include it on your cartons.

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Paperboard Packaging and the Environment

ppc_logo_low_rez_0There are many advantages to paperboard packaging. Recycling is just one example. It can be recycled along with other mixed paper, including mail, telephone books and magazines.

Unlike paperboard, there are thousands of types of plastic, making the recycling process complicated. If different types of plastic are combined during recycling, the material is useless for manufacturing. Plastic is often “down-cycled” instead of recycled – containers are turned into lower-grade products which can’t be recycled.

Many other traditional packaging materials are also not eco-friendly, such as polystyrene or plastic blister packs, but many of these products have paperboard alternatives that can achieve the same product protection and structural design results.

Is your folding carton manufacturer committed to the environment? A Thoro carton is manufactured with renewable materials, renewable energy and made from paper, all sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Thoro’s customers can label their product packaging in many different ways to indicate that it is sustainable. Ask Thoro about the logos you can add to your to packaging.

1,700,000 trees are planted each […]

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Eco-friendly Opportunities

frog_threeYou don’t have to kiss any frogs to find handsome “green” folding cartons…

Thoro offers green, eco-friendly opportunities to enhance your brand and communicate your social responsibility. Carrying the FSC® chain of custody certification logo on your printed cartons tells your customers that you support the highest social and environmental standards in the market. Purchasing FSC® certified paper contributes to conservation, responsible forestry management, and community level benefits for people near the forests that provide your paper. FSC® certified paperboard is available at a very minimal cost of a twenty dollar per ton mill charge.

Thoro Packaging in alignment with the Paperboard Packaging Council has designed a recycle logo that can be printed on paperboard boxes to clearly indicate to consumers that the package can—and should be—recycled after use. We are licensed to use this logo and there is no additional charge to include it on your cartons.

We recently passed our Forest Stewardship Council® and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® compliance audit without any nonconformances.

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Cartons Made With Wind Energy

gpp_logo180As an EPA Green Power Partner, Thoro Packaging purchases enough renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset the amount of energy we consume. For many years Thoro has been part of the Green Power Leadership Club, exceeding expectations in renewable energy efforts. Our credits are purchased through Sterling Planet, and with our recent upgrade to REC (Renewable Energy Credits) RECs, we are proud to officially state that we are utilizing 100% REC (Renewable Energy Credits). This enables our customers to print “Carton Made With Wind Energy” on their folding cartons.

Thoro Packaging is proud of our ongoing sustainability efforts. The use of 100% REC (Renewable Energy Credits) at our facility supports a renewable energy resource that creates proven environmental benefits. This financially supports the development of new renewable electricity production. Energy diversity and security are increased, and dependence on foreign energy sources is reduced.

In addition, Thoro’s purchase of renewable energy reduces an estimated 4,199,796 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. The greenhouse gas equivalency: comparable […]

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The Thoro Green Committee Recycle Contest Winner is Announced

Our Green Committee members held an internal contest. The challenge was to create something out of recycled material. All entries were judged on creativity, difficulty, the number of recycled materials used, and the ease of reproduction.

Our very own Jose Serna won first prize with his recreation of Rosie the Riveter. His masterpiece was created using 90% recycled material consisting of 13 different materials, including corrugated, various paperboards, rubber, plastic and wood. Jose also captured the spirit of Thoro Packaging, incorporating the importance of diversity, our woman-owned business status and our sustainability efforts.

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