With an unlimited number of colors, we had to split this topic into two parts. Here are the remaining colors that are most commonly used.


A color associated with stability and harmony, green is linked to security, wealth and growth. Always a good choice for medical device, pharmaceutical, environmentally-friendly or natural products, green suggests natural, organic and healthy items. Dark green indicates wealth, indulgence and quality, while light or subtle greens suggest environmentally safe and nutritious. Green is often an ideal color to choose, with the addition of decorative finishes or printing in shades of green that will attract your target market.


Orange packaging suggests cost effectiveness, fun and adventure. It suggests something different, an expedition, or an affordable price. Orange means cheerfulness, self-confidence and happiness. It is a passionate and outgoing color. While some variations of orange can give the impression of an inferior product, enhancing the package with another color can change the message and increase the perceived value.


Cheery, positive and uplifting, yellow suggests original ideas and creativity. It’s mentally stimulating, and has also been known to aid in decision-making, which makes it a good choice for saturated markets. In the world of folding cartons, the color yellow can suggest something original and innovative or fun. With its positive and happy energy it attracts children and young adolescents. If your goal is to bring joy or lift spirits, yellow packaging would be a great fit for your products.


Turquoise suggests clear thoughts and communication. Tranquil and uplifting to the spirit and the emotions, it can renew energy and inspire positive thought. Turquoise is a good color for wellness and health practitioners. Using turquoise for cleaning products is also ideal because it reflects cleanliness without feeling too sterile or clinical.


Incorporating purple into your folding cartons suggests luxury, indulgence, exceptional quality or uniqueness, especially if incorporated with gold or silver printing and embellishments. Purple connects to imagination, spirituality and uniqueness. Packaging of holistic products and anything to do with religion does well with this color. Purple primarily attracts the female and youth market, but is becoming more acceptable by males.


Pink packaging is calming and non-threatening. It is usually most suitable for products relating to the female market such as cosmetics, fashion, beauty and romance because pink is motivating, sincere, caring and soothing. Pink is feminine and youthful in its softer shades. The deeper shades bring more passion and energy. Combining pink with darker colors gives it more sophistication and strength. Pale or subdued pink packaging attracts a more sentimental and older market. Using bright or neon pink tends to suggest an inexpensive and trendy product, which is eye-catching to teens and preteens. Also, did you know that in almost every culture, pink has a stereotype? It is associated with girls and blue with boys, unfortunately, there is no agreement among experts of its origin.

While color psychology isn’t an exact science, it does have an impact on what we purchase. Color is the best way to produce and enhance a unified image and branding of your product. Color is such an important instrument. Thoro Packaging is here to give your brand a truly individual and unique identity with color.

If we left out your favorite color, send us an email and we’ll answer it. Who knows, it may give you some insight into your personality.