Color is all around us, but what impact does it really have on our moods, emotions, and behaviors? There is psychology attached to the colors we choose, and the topic of color psychology searches for answers to some of the questions we might have. We hope to answer some of your questions with the following.


White is considered the blank canvas. It communicates goodness, uniformity and new beginnings. As a packaging color, white is safe, unpretentious, and conservative, but a good choice when you want to create a look that’s clean, pure, efficient or simple.


Black is an authoritative color, indicating control and authority. When used as a folding carton color, black tends to stand out and make products appear much more substantial, higher end, with an increased perceived value. It suggests secrecy, refinement and style. As with white or gray, you can add a secondary color to black to change your message. Adding gold or silver foil stamping creates elegance and sophistication to attract an affluent market. Adding red creates an adult or sensual suggestion; (however people of Spanish descent appreciate how the combination of these two colors reflects their heritage) combining shades of pink will soften the message and attract primarily the female market. Fuchsia or magenta can create an unusual look and attract a more daring or creative customer.  Rule–The brighter the hues, the less serious the message becomes.


Now for the color blue, it’s the most liked color by both males and females. This makes it the “safest” color to use, but that choice may backfire and result in boring, predictable packaging. The key is to choose the right blue that relates to your specific market, and add decorative textures and finishes making your product stand out. Darker blue is more suited to an older market, while bright, electric blues appeal to a younger market.

Color psychology links blue to honesty and dependability, strength and harmony. When used as a primary color for your folding cartons, it relates to the product’s effectiveness and reliability. The darker the blue, the more professional, serious and conservative the product will be perceived to be. The lighter shade of blue, the softer and more creative the product will be perceived to be. Blue can also indicate a product that will contribute to the buyer’s relaxation and serenity.


Using red draws attention to your product, stimulates the senses and excites the potential purchaser because red signifies liveliness, action, passion, enthusiasm and strength. Dark reds are perceived as professional and luxurious, while bright reds are more exciting and energetic and generally of lower perceived value than dark reds. Adding gold or silver for the printing or decoration increases the perceived value.

Your colors should be surprising, exciting and work harmoniously with each. When your folding cartons need color, call Thoro Packaging.