g7masterThoro Packaging has requalified as a G7™ Master Printer through the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance®). Having first applied and received the qualification last year, the G7 mark demonstrates Thoro’s commitment to using the most modern technology, techniques, proofing and printing process controls and standards, required to produce high-quality printed folding carton packaging.

G7 standards require that the qualified printer is able to consistently produce a close visual match from proof to print; and as such, many printers choose to qualify on just one press. This year, Thoro opted to qualify on all three of our Heidelberg presses, including our UV press. “We believe that it is important to ensure that all of our equipment and press operations are meeting the highest industry standards, including G7 Qualified and ISO 12647-2 compliant,” said Jan Steiner. “And we don’t stop there. We are always pushing our team to improve quality, explore new and often difficult techniques and color matching challenges, and provide our customers with innovative packaging solutions.”

As part of our color match commitment to our customers and the G7 qualification process, Thoro’s Pre-Press team recently adopted a new simulated board technique that will provide our customers with a closer matching proof, able to demonstrate slight color variations depending on the carton substrate. In conjunction with our ability to quickly and accurately produce custom ink colors with our two state-of-the-art Mx-12 Dispensing Systems, Thoro continues to blaze new trails in customer confidence when it comes to color matching and quality proofing.