It’s that time of the year when we start to examine our life. We make resolutions to better ourselves in terms of getting rid of poor habits, picking up good ones, taking better care of ourselves and the people around us, learning to manage our lives better etc.

How about your packaging? Does it need some revving up? Perhaps it needs to be better? If you answered yes…following are some important things to consider.

Folding cartons are the whole package when it comes to marketing your product. There are many ways to package a product, and king among them, in terms of price and convenience, is the folding carton. Folding carton packaging also lends itself to maximum customization when it comes to showing off your brand. Whether you are looking to package beauty products, consumer electronics, gourmet food, or anything in-between, there are available solutions tailored to your specific needs. The key is determining what is right for your specific situation. In order to pair your product with the perfect solution, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Manufacturing. How does packaging play into your manufacturing and fulfillment processes?
  • Shelving. What is your vision for presentation on the shelf? This is arguably the most important factor to consider.
  • To embellish or not to embellish? Whether your product is cosmetic, consumer electronics, or gourmet food, every carton can use a little bling.
  • Budget. Finally, you can’t forget about cost. All other considerations must produce a packaging choice that comfortably falls within your production budget.

Once you have answered these questions, you can begin to develop a list of your priorities for product packaging. As one of the most experienced and reliable product packaging companies in the industry, Thoro offers different types of solutions for different products and can outfit these solutions and make your vision a reality.

From the “mild” to the “wild,” Thoro Packaging has a folding carton to fit your needs. Whether you have a specific starting point or want to introduce an entirely new element, we are more than willing to discuss your options.