thoroprototype_logo-_hiresThoro offers “Thoro Prototype™,” a close-to-production technology with CMYK process color, white ink, coatings, spot UV and matte, and embossing. We then cut, score, and voilá, you have a prototype. Why do you need prototypes? The road to the perfect package can be lined with speed bumps. A visual aid can help you smooth out projects for in-house marketing presentations, packaging prop shoots and carton beauties for tradeshows.

But wait! There’s more! Other prototype benefits are…

  • Achieving stunning image quality Improving the creation of sample packaging
  • Product launch support with easy to produce multiple packaging samples for test marketing purposes
  • You can see your concept as a reality at a fraction of the time and cost
  • Vibrant colors and detailed finishing
  • Cost effective solution for design comps and prototypes
  • Research & Development (create and compare)
  • Sales tool for new product launches
  • Packaging prototypes made on various substrates

With Thoro Prototypes™, you can be your marketing team’s hero.