Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key component to having a successful product and packaging is often the first impression consumers have of the product, so why not make it stand out? The standard 4-color print process is the norm within the print industry; however there are limitations when it comes to the range of color one can achieve with this. Why not have a broader range of colors to make your products pop? Extended Color Gamut is the answer to the age old question “How do I make my product standout?”

Grabbing consumer’s attention

First of all, before diving into the details of what Extended Color Gamut is, it’s important to know how consumer behaviors are changing. In an ever evolving world where consumers are constantly distracted and in a hurry, companies have less time to attract a consumer in-store. A 2014 shopper engagement study conducted by POPAI showed that a whopping 82% of shopper decisions are made in-store. Additionally Pantone® conducted a study showing over 65% of purchasing decisions involve color. Packaging is becoming increasingly more important in reflecting who you are as a company. So, why not have something that stands out?

Extended Gamut Printing           

Extended Gamut Printing is any method of expanding the color gamut beyond what can be replicated using conventional 4-color process printing. It may also be referred to as “ECG” or “Expanded Gamut”.

The Benefits of Extended Color Gamut

Extended Color Gamut is simply a 7-color print process that allows you to reach a broader color spectrum. As a result this leads to more color options for your packaging, more brilliant color, more detail and contrast, more accurate images, and color enhancement that were not possible with 4-color printing. Extended Color Gamut allows for unlimited colors, and the capability of achieving over 90% of standard Pantone spot colors. Additionally, printing in ECG results in significant cost savings when you combo multiple items that normally require too many colors to run together. To see what the experts of color have to say regarding Extended Color Gamut visit Pantone’s website.

Over the past several years Thoro has dedicated countless hours of R&D to perfect Extended Gamut Printing for packaging. Currently, Thoro is one of only a few folding carton packaging manufacturers in the U.S. capable of ECG printing. To learn more about how ECG can help with your brand please contact Andrea Percy at or at 951-278-2100.