Folding Carton Structural Design Structural Package Design can be defined as the ‘the engineering of a carton or a box out of paperboard to create a package to hold a specific product.’ Structural design is very complicated and involved on many levels. Structural Package Designers not only need to create unique cartons, but also have to keep in mind many other features. In most cases, FC101_2_body--imagethey are provided with samples of the customer’s product to be packaged so that they can design a multi-dimensional CAD drawing of the carton. It doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before beginning.

  •  Does the customer want the carton to be easy or difficult to open and close?
  • Does it need to be tamper evident?
  • Will the cartons be machine filled?
  • Can it be used on the product production line without any filling issues?
  • Can it be used with carton erectors on the production line?
  • Based on the dimensions, will it fit on a store shelf?
  • Will it be appealing to the customer on the store shelf?
  • What functions/features does the carton need to include?
  • What board caliper and type?

These are only a few questions that our Structural Designers need to ask themselves. Many times it takes a few tries to get the perfect structure. A good structural designer can create an efficient carton that is designed for “manufacturability”, while still achieving the look and style desired for the targeted market. Each folding carton that is designed by Thoro is unique to our customer’s specifications. Folding cartons maximize the potential of your brand. Whether it’s a simple tuck end box or custom packaging, we can create the right folding carton for your unique product from concept to completion.