The holiday season is just around the corner and consumers will be ready to buy. This is a great time to think about ways to make your packaging part of the product experience. By using custom options, you can create a long-lasting, memorable encounter for your customer base, encouraging them to cross off an item from their gift list with your product. Whether it’s changing the packaging color or adding an interesting texture, following are some ideas on how to create memorable folding carton packaging.

Create Holiday Branding

The holidays are a perfect time to branch away from your traditional branding. Use elements of tradition mixed with new touches to set your product apart. You can create a special edition carton that serves as a display for your product. Keepsake packaging can house a product for years when not on display or in use. It can also keep a product at the forefront of a customer’s mind and encourage repeat sales. Your packaging can make the holidays memorable with creative branding that is both attractive and functional.

Color, Color, Color

Not every holiday package needs to be red, green, white, or blue. You can mix and match colors and patterns to set your product packaging apart wherever it is displayed. Patterns are a great way to capture attention. Add rich jewel tones and deep colors to complement the winter season, or brighten things up with some lighter palettes. Metallic silver, gold and even pearl whites can add sparkle and pizzazz to product packaging while remaining unique. Focus on highlighting the product with your color choices instead of falling into the trap of traditional holiday colors that may camouflage your products with others on the shelf.
Experiment with Textures

In addition to sight, people use their sense of touch to experience product packaging. Differentiate your product through raised letters, coatings, inks and finishing effects. Add gloss or matte varnishes, or create a mixture of the two to create a rich visual effect. Soft-touch coatings or embossing/debossing finishes can add a complex feel and depth that can intensify your holiday packaging.

The holidays are a perfect time to branch out and try something new for your marketing and sales campaigns. Let the Thoro Packaging team help you create memorable holiday solutions this year and into 2016.