Nothing says “fancy” like foil stamping, but what exactly is it? Foil stamping, hot stamping, or hot foil stamping is the application of metallic foil to paperboard using a heated die. The die presses the foil onto the surface under pressure, leaving the design of the die on the paperboard. Foil stamping is frequently combined with embossing to produce a three dimensional look.

Like embossing and die cutting, foil stamping falls under specialty techniques. No ink is used in the process. Applying heat and pressure to the foil and board leaves behind a reflective design that stands out from the rest of the carton. Hot foil stamping is very precise and can be used with a wide variety of substrates to make a bold statement.  The brilliance of hot foils is unsurpassed, with a wide range of colors such as gold, silver, blue and red. In addition, hot foil stamping also offers different types of foils such as holographic, colored and, patterned foil options. Single level and multi-level embossing is available as well to add dimension and depth to the design.

Foil stamping and embossing add a unique touch to your printed cartons. Metallic foils added to your brand/identity, and can give your product an upscale look. Colored foils can add glitz and glamour to sleeves or packaging. Thoro can print over your foil stamping for another beautiful effect.

Designers can enjoy added creativity when they add foil to designs. Foil can be used to add luminous effects to images. Special embossing can be used to add a pattern or texture to the foil. Foil stamping can add high contrast appeal when the foil choice is a different color from the paperboard and print.

Best of all, Thoro can customize your cartons with hot foil stamping. We are the leader in print, packaging and carton embellishments. Thoro has created numerous award winning packages for our customers with the use of foil stamping. We have worked with top brands all over the world and pride ourselves on our commitment to pressing the limits through the creation of unique and compelling packaging. To learn more about the process, contact us today.