With billions of tons of packaging waste occupying landfills across the world, corporations and their customers are looking for methods that make less of an impact on the planet. Environmentally friendly paperboard packaging is the best choice for so many reasons.

Thoro Packaging has taken all of the work out of searching for environmentally friendly packaging solutions and passing our knowledge on to you. Following are ways to incorporate materials and construction methods that make less of an impact on the planet.

Use recyclable materials. All paperboard grades and calipers are recyclable. If you’re not sure which material will meet your needs, we can help. Both virgin and recycled paperboard come in a variety of calipers and can be adapted to your packaging with ease.

Let your customers know it’s about printing too. Custom mixed vegetable based inks that are mixed onsite, prevent unnecessary waste. They avoid the use of petroleum, and release less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. This makes an overall cleaner quality of air for all of us. The vegetable and low VOC logos are available to print on your cartons.

Choose sustainable sourced paperboard. Sustainable packaging has become increasingly popular over the past few years as companies have recognized that paperboard is healthy for the environment and it has attracted a growing, consumer audience. Folding cartons made of FSC® and SFI® certified paperboard is sourced from responsibly managed forests and presents a lesser burden on the environment.

 Right-size your packaging. Sometimes waste occurs at the warehousing and retail levels. Talk with us about creating folding cartons that conserve space and materials throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. Modest packaging can provide a sleek, clean look that appeals to consumers, while setting you apart from over-packaged competition. If you’re placing less emphasis on bulky packaging, consumers may gravitate towards your product thinking it provides a better value as well.

Use carbon-neutral packaging to tell a story. Thoro has continued to offer a carbon neutral printing option to our customers via natureOffice USA since August 2011. This program offers customers the option to purchase carbon credit certificates to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of each folding carton job. Each job receives a very specific natureOffice certificate with a unique tracking number that is printed on each carton with the natureOffice logo. The tracking number can be looked up on the natureOffice website to see which project was supported by that job. This offers a way for the end user to validate the claim, and see more information about that project, and how much carbon emissions were offset. This offers a way for the end user to validate the claim and see more about this project, such as the Native Forest Reforestation Carbon Sequestration Project, in Hawaii, preserving the unique native woods of the Koa tree.

Thoro is proud to state that we are utilizing 100% REC (Renewable Energy Credits). This enables our customers to print “Carton Made With Wind Energy” on their folding cartons.

What changes could you make today to make your product packaging more eco-friendly? Thoro Packaging understands the importance of sustainability.  Contact us to discuss how we can help make your packaging more environmentally friendly and how to share that story with you customers.