We live in a world of infinite choices. Today, consumers have an endless number of choices when it comes to companies and products to choose from. Yes, consumer behavior has changed over the years, but what’s one thing that remains the same? Consumers want to know that the company they are buying from is doing everything possible to be sustainable. Adding logos to your packaging can help sway a consumer when they are undecided between products.

Below are a few logos that can help you communicate your brand’s sustainability story.

Wind Power

Alternative energy, it’s a term that is becoming increasingly more popular today. That’s a term that here at Thoro, we are very familiar with. That is why we choose to run our facility on 100% REC (Renewable Energy Credits). Our customers in turn have the ability to say their cartons were produced with 100% REC (Renewable Energy Credits).



Thoro Packaging is Forest Stewardship Council® Certified (FSC®). This certification is referred to as “chain of custody.” This means that we can make verified claims that our paperboard products come from well-managed forests.



The Sustainable Forest Initiative® (SFI®) is one of the world’s largest forest certification programs. In 2008 Thoro obtained certification in accordance with SFI® chain of custody standards. Now you can take full advantage and use this logo on your packaging.


Low VOC Solvents

Everybody likes clean air… right? Well we sure do, so that is why all of our solvents have 100 grams per liter or less of Volatile Organic Compounds. The industry standard is over 500 grams per liter. Show you care about clean air with this logo.


Carbon Neutral Printing

We have partnered with German based natureOffice, through their USA program, to offer our customers the option of certifying their print jobs as carbon neutral. Off-set any carbon emissions produced from your job, and then display it proudly on your packaging.

Paperboard Packaging Recyclable

As stated previously, recycling is a growing trend. The Paperboard Packaging Recyclable logo is printed on cartons and packaging made of materials that can be recycled. This logo serves as a reminder to consumers to always “do the right thing” and properly recycle their package.


Vegetable-Based Inks

We offer eco-friendly printing with vegetable inks. Vegetable-based inks are made with renewable resources such as soy, linseed, and corn. From production of raw materials through the disposal or recycling of the finished product, the negative impact on the environment is significantly minimized.



Often times we are unsure exactly how something should be recycled. How2Recycle is a labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to consumers. Many companies are adopting this label to encourage, and empower consumers to recycle properly.

Cruelty Free logo

In earlier years, animals used to be the main subject for any testing of products. Today, there are various organizations that are devoted to ending animal experiments. This logo is commonly seen within the health and beauty industry, and is becoming a key selling point for consumers. Visit cruelty free international to learn more about this great cause.

In reality there are a great many logos you can include in your packaging or marketing to enhance your brand. In fact there are far too many to count, but we wanted to highlight a few that coincide with some of our values. To learn more about the logos we offer, email us at info@thoropkg.com or call us at 951-278-2100.