One of the most popular days of all for confections is Valentine’s Day. What better way to express your love then with candy. Perhaps it’s the big chocolate heart or a gourmet boxed assortment of your sweetie’s favorites.

Thoro Packaging loves Valentine’s Day, chocolate and anything creative. Above all we love packaging! What a great combination, yummy confections and beautiful packaging. They go together like milk chocolate and butter cream.

Have you ever wondered how and when the tradition of candy giving began? Candy entered into the long-held Valentine’s traditions by way of print culture: the sweet Valentines that caught on were the candies that incorporated pictures or words. In the mid-1800s, Richard Cadbury, an artist and heir to the Cadbury chocolate empire, began producing keepsake chocolate boxes with designs that echoed the popular sentimental images of Victorian Valentines (namely: kittens, cupids, and flowers). Though chocolate is sometimes said to have properties that entice love, it was the packaging more than the contents that brought them into keeping with the Valentine spirit. Candy was considered just as appropriate to give to a child as to a sweetheart, both of whom would have enjoyed the sweets and kept the pretty box for trinkets.

Thoro designs and manufactures folding cartons for some of the most beloved names in candy. Confectionery packaging plays a big roll on whether or not the consumer will tear into the sugary goodness of whatever sweet product stands before them.Happy Valentines Day

If you don’t love your packaging, call us and find out what makes or breaks a folding carton love story for us, and get some ideas of your own.