In addition to Thoro’s G7 Master Certification, two of Thoro’s team members are certified G7 Experts. They are in-house quality/technical professionals that attended and passed a G7 Expert/Professional Training program. As defined by the certifying body, Idealliance, “A G7 Expert is an expert in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. A G7 Expert is able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method, standard or specification with repeatable, predictable results.”

The G7 Master Certified program identifies only those printing companies who have been trained to proof and print using the G7 methodology. Thoro Packaging obtained their certification in 2010. Although Printed Sheets 1certification submissions are only required from one printing press, Thoro Packaging has gone the extra mile to improve our quality and qualify all of our printing presses.

G7 Master Printer is a coveted industry certification. Our printing presses have the prevailing technology today, and are the leaders in print. The Thoro Packaging G7 team has the validation that will ensure repeatability from run to run for all of your folding cartons.

If color management is a concern for your brand, and you are interested in color quality, accuracy and consistency, give us a call at 951-278-2100.