Folding carton packaging is one of the key components in your product’s branding. Make sure you are using it to its full potential by making it work harder for you. Your folding carton packaging offers you prime billboard space to send a strong message to your customers, including brand benefits, values and the promise of your product.

Folding carton packaging is an advertisement for your product. It is your in-store sales person. Just like any advertising medium, your folding cartons must capture the consumer’s attention, draw them in and most importantly, sell your product.

It doesn’t sound like an easy task, but with the right mix of a great structure, copy, graphics and finishing techniques, you can accomplish the perfect way to tell your brand story and connect with consumers. But what is the best way to create folding carton packaging that incorporates all of these attributes?

Here are five factors that can help you create packaging that works as an advertisement for your brand and product.

Texture & Dimension – Brands can benefit from special effects to help a product get noticed. Techniques to achieve a tactile experience include embossing, debossing, reticulation and creating patterns through these effects, or adding depth with combinations of different substrates and coatings. The usage of combinations of effects on your packaging will give your consumer the chance to experience your brand on a different sensory level and physically connect with your product.

Photography – Utilizing high-quality photography for food and beverage items invites and entices the customer to try your products. New color enhancement technologies like ThoroBrilliance, help make these images and your packaging pop off the shelf.

Subtle Effects – Solid visual prompts are important. It’s essential that you focus on only those elements that truly make your brand or product. Choose a hero image and let the rest of the graphics support that message. This narrow focus will allow you to add subtle visual effects where it matters most.

Strong Visual Effects – While strong visual signals are necessary to getting noticed, the retail setting, and shopping experience goes past just seeing product on the shelf. If a consumer picks up a product, they are 66% more likely to purchase it. Use strong graphics to get attention, draw the consumer in and engage them.

Structure – A simple folding carton is a square or rectangle shaped box. But you can transform the basic carton by updating the structure. Adding a book style opening, a window, or choosing a telescoping design can suddenly transform the conventional folding carton into something unique and spectacular.

There are endless combinations of design and effects for your folding carton packaging. Thoro Packaging knows just how important it is to create packaging that illustrates and accentuates your brand’s values and messaging. We offer innovation consultations with our team of packaging experts, to help you develop the right look and feel for your brand.

How does your packaging communicate your brand? Does it tell your story?