Paperboard Folding Carton Designs that Leap off the Shelf

Paperboard folding cartons are one of the most familiar types of packaging. But they don’t need to be ordinary or predictable. Printed folding cartons can be as creative as your imagination. Following are some of the most requested carton styles that can be dressed up to elevate your packaging design.

The Reverse Tuck

This is a great carton style for cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical products. It’s mostly recognized for its easy open/close capability. The top closure hinges from the back panel to the front and the bottom tucks into the back. Reverse tuck cartons store flat to save space and also snap instantly into place for easy assembly. An internal structure or partition can be designed and inserted to add extra strength or hold a product in place.

The Straight Tuck

The Straight Tuck by comparison has both the bottom and top panels tuck in the same the direction. This is one of the most versatile cartons and works well for software, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health and beauty.

The Beers Tray

The beers tray is a great choice for a variety of items. The most popular use for this type of folding carton is gift with purchase, luxury gift sets and kit packaging.

A portion of this carton style is glued, and shipped flat to the user. It’s generally constructed and filled manually and very sturdy once assembled. The beers tray is paired with a lid that must be larger than the bottom portion to ensure the perfect fit.

The Hexagon

When you think of fun creative folding carton shapes, this should top your list. It’s a much different shape than a typical square or rectangle.

Utilizing a different shape other than a typical square or rectangle is a great way to distinguish your product from others on the shelf.

The Hexagon shaped carton has six sides that are all the same dimension. Hexagon cartons fold flat and are primarily used for cosmetic, gourmet foods, and various retail products.

Want Expert Advice?

The Thoro team will work with you to completely customize the folding carton style that is the best fit for your product. Contact us for that perfect folding carton design.