ppc_logo_low_rez_0There are many advantages to paperboard packaging. Recycling is just one example. It can be recycled along with other mixed paper, including mail, telephone books and magazines.

Unlike paperboard, there are thousands of types of plastic, making the recycling process complicated. If different types of plastic are combined during recycling, the material is useless for manufacturing. Plastic is often “down-cycled” instead of recycled – containers are turned into lower-grade products which can’t be recycled.

Many other traditional packaging materials are also not eco-friendly, such as polystyrene or plastic blister packs, but many of these products have paperboard alternatives that can achieve the same product protection and structural design results.

Is your folding carton manufacturer committed to the environment? A Thoro carton is manufactured with renewable materials, renewable energy and made from paper, all sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Thoro’s customers can label their product packaging in many different ways to indicate that it is sustainable. Ask Thoro about the logos you can add to your to packaging.

1,700,000 trees are planted each day by the forest products industry. That’s 3 trees for every 1 harvested.

Statistical Source – Paperboard Packaging Council