It’s finally here. You’ve spent countless hours developing your product and it’s finally ready to go to market. You’ve done your research and know what to expect. There’s just one final step… your packaging. Packaging is a direct reflection of your company and its vision. You’ve gone through the approval process and now it’s time for the press check.

We understand the entire process can be stressful and that’s why we want to give you some pointers on what to look for and what to expect during your next press check.

What to know – Offset Printing                                                    

As with anything you get involved in, it always helps to know the process. The truth of the matter is printing can be quite complicated. The most important thing to understand is that offset printing is the art of balancing ink and water. During the print process, the two go hand in hand to create the beautiful cartons you order. Our press staff is constantly faced with the challenge of finding that perfect balance that will yield the best color. Thus you get slight variances in the color, and more often than not they are unnoticeable to naked eye.

What to know – The Importance of Proofs

Before you schedule your press check there are some very important things that go on. For instance, receiving your proofs whether it be through hard copies or web center, is the time for you to make sure everything is correct. It is important that you check copy, content, and layout to make sure all proofs are correct before your press check. Making any art changes on press is not only time consuming but can also be costly, so the sooner an error is caught in the process the better. This is a crucial step to bringing piece of mind come time for your press check.

What to know – Computers and Your Proof

We now live in a digital age where everything we do involves an electronic device. For this reason, we expect everything to look exactly the same as it does on a monitor.  It’s important to know that what you see on your computer screen is going to be different from a printed version. The reason for this is that color spectrum of a computer is different from that of a print process. Though colors can often be very close and sometimes indistinguishable there will be variances between them.

What to know – Samples

Inspiration for everyone comes from different places. If you have a sample of a previous carton that you drew inspiration from for color, you should share that with us to get ideas or input on what we could do. The earlier you provide samples of the color you want to match the more we will be able to assist you. This will allow time for ink matching and color approvals prior to your press run.

Things you should be checking for:

  1. Copy – Last minute checking of the copy can help you confirm the item is correct and that no marks are missing.
  2. Color – Color varies regardless of how perfect the process. For this reason we have tolerances for an acceptable color range. Discuss this with your sales representative to know what to expect.
  3. Codes – Any UPC codes that you have on your packaging are inspected by our prepress and press staff to ensure they scan correctly.
  4. Overlays – An overlay allows you to see the embellishment or effect being applied to your carton. These are clear plastic sheets that are attached to your proof and should be referenced during your press check. The embellishments are applied later in a separate process.

Your package is as important to us as it is to you. Though we are experts when it comes to printing, above all we value our customer’s opinions.  We hope this helps you know what to look for during your next press check.