Have you ever purchased a health or beauty item, opened up the substantially sized carton only to find a minuscule amount of product? Over-packaging is a problem which seems to be on the rise during a time when it really should be on the decline.

We’re not here to shame anyone, but to lend a hand. Thoro can help you customize your folding cartons by designing the right-size packaging for all your products to maximize performance and shelf presence.

First and foremost, our structural designers will think about protecting your product and will size the box appropriately. While there’s a correct size for the product, there is also a correct size for the retail atmosphere where it will be displayed and sold. A very small product might need a larger box or panel to carry all the information shoppers need to make a purchasing decision, or to meet FDA label requirements.

The majority of consumers assess the value of a product by the packaging and with so many products out there, packaging design is more important than ever.

Kit packaging is a great option. It can decrease packaging and is growing in popularity.

  • Kits let you combine your top selling products all in one carton.
  • They have the ability to implement special offers.
  • Provide improved efficiency in targeting specific customers.
  • Create savings on shipping costs.

CASE STUDY: The 10 Pack Challenge 

A customer presented us with challenge to “right size” their packaging.  Their original packaging consisted of a round foam insert with die cut holes to secure ten small 1 mil vials. Once the vials were placed into the foam insert, the contents went into an outer carton, and then into a corrugated box for shipping. The packaging was large, expensive and not eco-friendly.

Thoro loves a challenge, so we set out to find a more suitable, sustainable solution, and reduce the amount of packaging. We designed a much smaller, one piece, NSTE (notched straight tuck end) carton with ten glued cell dividers on recycled paperboard.

This new design resulted in a much smaller footprint, drastically reduced packaging and shipping costs. This one piece solution has reduced warehouse space and inventory errors.

Folding cartons offer product protection. They have a very favorable image with consumers and they are a familiar, traditional and sustainable form of packaging.

Call us and let our in-house design department create the perfect size structure for your product.