Packaging for the Senses, Influencing Buyer Decisions

Packaging that appeals to the sense of touch with decorative coatings, and the sense of sight with dazzling embellishments can make the difference between products that sell well and those that are tossed into a sea of discounted merchandise.

These days, striking packaging design and the skilled use of finishing techniques are definitely the order of the day. Folding carton packaging finished to a high standard adds to the perception of the value of the product. This is especially important in today’s highly competitive cosmetic and personal care markets.

If you want a product to sell well, the packaging needs to appeal to all the senses. Only then can the product breakthrough in an over-saturated market be differentiated from comparable products. Packaging that seduces customers emotionally, making skilled use of a variety of print finishing techniques, brings forth the famous “wow” factor and achieves success.

This is a trend that all parties in the packaging supply chain are increasingly focused on, particularly in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market. There is no doubt that the buying decision is […]