Nurses Offer Tips for Medical Packaging Design

Nurses work long hours and are an intricate part of our health and wellbeing. They are also on the forefront of the medical devices that we use and the packaging they come in. So when a panel of nurses at HealthPack 2015 gave their feedback on medical device packaging, Thoro took notice. They had good comments and gave great advice regarding some of the changes that are needed. It is for these reasons; Thoro is re-posting in part, the following article from Healthcare Packaging, June 2015.

 For years, HealthPack has presented a nurse’s panel, one of the most popular presentations every year. At Norfolk, nurses again gave very blunt feedback and attendees got to hear firsthand what does, and maybe more importantly, what does not, work when it comes to medical device packaging. The presentation comprised a panel of end users, mostly nurses who were […]