Folding Cartons 101: What is a folding carton?

Folding Cartons 101 is the first in a series of packaging basics. Over the next few weeks, we will explain the folding carton and its processes in basic terms. The printed paperboard folding carton is the most common form of secondary packaging (secondary packaging is usually in the form of a box, that holds a packaged product whose primary purposes is to promote, protect and display the merchandise.)

The versatility and cost savings found in folding cartons are unsurpassed. Different paperboard calipers, inks, coatings, embossing/debossing, hot stamping, die cuts and windowing provide a variety of options. Paperboard structures can be designed as or with inserts to replace plastic packaging such as vacuum formed trays to create a fresh and upscale look.

A folding carton is a product container of varying sizes and shapes, typically made from paperboard. The paperboard can be printed with artwork and graphics, then die cut, creased, folded and glued. The finished product usually ships to the customer flat, where they fill it with product for distribution. Folding Cartons can range from the simplest […]