Tailor your ordinary folding carton packaging with custom printed paperboard sleeves.  A custom printed sleeve is a packaging addition that can partially or entirely cover your cartons or products while allowing you the ability to add branding and information that will visually attract your customers.

Enhancing your cartons with sleeves can customize your packaging, provide added branding, allow you to change your packaging design per season or promotion, or add some extra bling.

A paperboard sleeve can be a cost effective packaging solution which allows the product to be viewed from the sides or from the top and bottom. Sleeves are regularly used for high end cosmetics, personal care, custom medical device boxes, and software products.

Don’t get stuck in a rut with a straight line sleeve. Thoro Packaging has the technology to create custom, unique shaped sleeves and bring a distinctive look to your folding cartons.

The addition of cutouts on sleeves allows your customers to see your logo on the carton or the contents of a clear container, showcasing your product. Die cuts can be used to highlight the unique shape of your product, increase shelf impact, and create interest and enthusiasm.

In today’s marketplace when wanting to influence the consumer, it often takes more than ink on paperboard. Thoro Packaging is committed to uncovering daring new ways to elevate your brand, outwit the competition and inspire new ideas.  We’re dedicated to helping you find better ways to communicate your brand. Paperboard sleeves can be a great addition to your folding carton packaging.

Rosie O’Neill, cofounder of Sugerfina says “A sleeve is the perfect finishing touch for our cartons, it’s like gift wrap, but way better!”

From champagne bears to peanut butter caramels, Sugarfina’s confections are as delicious as their sleeves.