medical_deviceMedical device manufacturing is a high-growth industry in California. As a state, we rank as the largest medical product manufacturer in the US. California made 18% of all 510(k) products approved for marketing by the FDA since January 1, 2012.

Medical devices cover a wide range of medical instruments used in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of diseases or abnormal conditions. Product examples include:

  • Stents, pacemakers and other implantable devices
  • Orthopedic and prosthetic implants and devices
  • Dental instruments and orthodontics
  • Laser eye surgery equipment and ophthalmic goods

California is home to over 24% of the nation’s medical device manufacturers with large business concentrations in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Therefore, the medical device industry is a major contributor to the California economy.

Thoro Packaging is very happy to declare a large percent of these medical device manufacturers as customers and we are proud to be a contributor to the California economy.

If you are seeking a new supplier, or looking for a strong secondary supplier to help minimize risk, Thoro Packaging is ISO 900:2008 certified and cGMP compliant. We have served the flourishing medical device industry for 45 years.

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