We are pleased to announce that on February 1st 2018, a major change occurred in the life of Thoro Packaging. To become an even stronger supplier in the future, Thoro Packaging made the decision to join the Autajon Group, which acquired 100% of the Thoro shares.

The Autajon Group is an independent family-owned business headquartered in France, with 37 plants manufacturing labels, folding cartons and rigid boxes in Europe, Asia and the US. Autajon is already very present on the East Coast with two folding carton plants; Cultech in South Plainfield, NJ joined the Group in 2006 and AP Boston in Nashua, NH in 2014. These state-of-the-art facilities serve various industries including Perfume & Cosmetics, Confectionary, Medical & Pharmaceutical, and Wine & Spirits. With the addition of Thoro, the Autajon Group strategically expands to the West Coast, growing its reach throughout the North American folding carton market.

Thoro Packaging is a family-owned business in Southern California, founded in 1968 by my father, Macy Dabek, and I have been successfully leading the company since the early 1980s. Thoro also serves the Medical & Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty and Creative & Specialty markets with value added products.

To ensure business continuity, Thoro Packaging chose the Autajon Group and their vision for market excellence, innovation and quality. With Autajon’s investment capacity and global dimension, Thoro will continue to be the best folding carton company in the Southwest. The name will remain Thoro Packaging, the team will remain intact under my leadership and everyone will benefit from the transfer of knowledge and technical expertise, including our customers.

The Autajon Group, along with Thoro Packaging, continuously strive to grow and adapt to new markets in order to always better serve our customers locally and globally. You can continue to trust Thoro for your many projects.


Janet Steiner – CEO, Thoro Packaging

Janet Steiner - CEO, Thoro Packaging