Every fall, the North American Paperboard Packaging Competition showcases the most unique and beautiful packaging designs, and this year’s entries were more exceptional than ever. The competition was great, but Thoro Packaging was awarded the Folding Carton of the Year for the Lancer Skincare – Legacy Youth Treatment carton.  At the awards dinner and ceremony hosted by the Paperboard Packaging Council on Thursday, October 5 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Thoro walked away with 4 awards including the coveted Folding Carton of the year.

Inside the Design of the Folding Carton of the Year

This glamorous folding carton was designed in the spirit of a beautiful shell.  Inside is a rare and precious pearl: an ultra high-end skincare treatment. To underscore the value and exclusivity of its “pearl”, the design spared no expense when it came to embellishment. Perhaps most striking is the choice to forgo printed graphics and text for foil stamping and spot UV throughout. This adds a feeling of glam that truly elevates the design and gives the package a radiant glow. The outer sleeve features a similarly striking foil stamped pattern as well as soft touch applications to provide a sleek feeling. Attention to detail continues throughout: hidden magnets serve as a closure mechanism, and even the area underneath the lid is foil stamped and embossed. With all of these details and effects, it is clear that both the package and product are uncommon treasures to admire and cherish.

See what the judge had to say about this carton…

Thoro’s 2017 PPC North American Paperboard Packaging Awards

Folding Carton of the Year – Lancer Skincare- Legacy Youth Treatment

Gold Award – Drunk Elephant – Happy Hour Kit

Gold Award – 2016 Thoro Holiday Promo

Excellence Award – 2017 Thoro Capacity Folder

Thoro 2017 PPC Awards PDF

Competition Judging

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) assembled an esteemed panel of judges for the 2017 North American Paperboard Packaging Competition. Among the judges were a former publisher of Package Design magazine, expert packaging executives, packaging professors including one from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and quality assurance and sourcing managers for major CPG and health companies. Judging criteria considered the “entire package” including concept to design, how the package met goals, converting, distribution, “wow factor” on the shelf, and the impact of the package on retail and the end-user. This year’s winning cartons were highly innovative and provided unique functionality and shelf presence. Visit the PPC website paperbox.org, to see the full list of award winners.