Designing and developing healthcare products are a complex and intricate task and must be the main focus of the manufacturer. Therefore, when forming a team to rely on for secondary components—such as folding carton packaging—companies need to ensure they partner with an experienced, qualified company. Healthcare product manufacturers need packaging that serves an array of functions from product protection to enhancement of a product’s visibility and the company’s corporate image.

It is critical to create packaging that meets the specific needs of healthcare products, this includes meeting time constraints, innovation and value added services. Following are standards that can assist healthcare product manufacturers in finding the right company to partner with to fulfill their folding carton requirements.

  •  Choose a folding carton manufacturer with numerous capabilities under one roof. Choose a company that has a team of experts to assist you in choosing the best material, or combination of materials, and structure for your product.
  • The folding carton manufacturer should demonstrate an expertise in die cutting, machine filled cartons, covert and overt security features including security inks, color shifting inks, and micro print.
  • Choose a folding carton manufacturer that will partner with you during each step of the packaging design and manufacturing process, as well as form, function and machineability.
  • Choose a company that specializes in healthcare packaging, with a solid set of guidelines in place. A clear indication of a packaging company with high standards is their ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • Healthcare product manufacturers should seek a company with extensive medical packaging experience and a track record of producing positive results for the medical industry.
  • Choose a packaging company that demonstrates a strong sense of form and function in its designs. While the packaging’s protective function is of paramount importance, visual appeal is also significant. The chosen packaging company should develop a design that compliments the product and the brand.

Finding a packaging supplier with which you can partner to develop consistently superior packaging that provides functionality and distinctive looks can set your company apart in the marketplace. Further,FC101_2_featured-image as your company builds a history with its packaging partner, you will also find that the closer relationship is a key factor in increasing efficiency, purchasing power, and reducing costs. Thoro Packaging has built many lasting partnerships with healthcare companies, including many Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

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