Thoro Packaging’s partnership with natureOffice provides all of our customers with the opportunity to buy carbon offsets from Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods to reduce the effect of their carbon footprint.

Agriculture and clear cut lumber practices of the past century have eliminated over 90% of the koa forests. This pattern has been repeated all over the world with the International Tropical Timber Organization predicting, that at our current rate of clearing, we have less than 14 years of prized tropical hardwoods left to cut (as of 2009). At that point, the resource will either be completely depleted or will exist only in protected areas.

hlh_logoHawaiian Legacy Hardwoods is working with landowners who take their stewardship seriously. Their mission is to bring the tropical forest back to America. Tropical hardwoods are disappearing from the world at an alarming rate and Hawaii is the only location in the United States capable of growing a wide variety of tropical rainforest hardwoods.

avatar_8036b7199af7_64The natureOffice quality mark stands for superior climate protection with transparency, traceability and controlled quality with compensation through carbon offset projects. The added cost to your cartons is only pennies on the dollar to offset your carbon footprint, and it’s something you can be proud of as you let your customers know how much you value the environment by operating in a carbon-neutral manner.