Thoro Capabilities

Our design team is famous for developing innovative structural designs that stand apart from your competition. They consider all aspects of packaging design including shelf appeal, functionality and product protection.

Are you looking for folding cartons that are:

  • Functional
  • Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Eye Catching
  • Unique & Creative in Structure

Structural Computer-Assisted-Drafting (CAD) allows Thoro Packaging’s award-winning design team to provide you with swift turnaround on samples, prototypes and electronic die lines that meet your requirements.

From concept to the finished package your folding carton ideas become a reality at Thoro Packaging.

When designing a folding carton, you first need to consider the best board, shape, closure, filling method, budget, branding, shipping, shelf presence and security needs for your product. Don’t worry… We can help!

Carton Design Guide
Our design team is famous for developing innovative structural designs that stand apart from your competition. They consider all aspects of packaging design including shelf appeal, functionality and product protection.

You visualize it. Thoro prototypes it. It sells itself.

Close-to-production prototyping technology with CMYK process color, white ink, coatings- spot UV and matte, embossing, scoring, and die cutting capabilities.

Don’t TELL them, SHOW them.

  • Vibrant colors and detailed finishing
  • Cost effective solution for design comps and prototypes
  • Research & Development (create and compare)
  • Sales tool for new product launches
  • Make your pitch memorable. Stand out and make the sale.

Why do I need a ThoroPrototype™?

  • Prototypes allow the retailer to touch, feel and see the dimensions of the product
  • Often you need to show the package to visualize display functionality – How will it look in the store?
  • Some things are difficult to communicate without visual aid
Providing you with optimum productivity, reliability and value throughout the graphic development process, whether it’s the art you provide or Thoro Packaging assists with the creation, our prepress team gets your art ready for printing.

Our Prepress Department offers you:

  • Electronic Bleeder Bars, Sheet Bleeders and Scanner Bars for Material Segregation Assurance
  • Printing from one to six colors
  • Printing in Hexachrome
  • FM Stochastic Screening Technology
  • Webway Internet Based Communication
  • Three-Dimensional Proofs

Thoro Packaging offers sophisticated, state-of-the-art computer to plate technology. CTP technology insures your graphics will be handled and reproduced with the highest level of quality. Thoro’s 100% digital workflow gives us the maximum amount of flexibility to meet your needs and to provide the services that help you make the most of your product’s appearance.

Thoro Packaging offers online proofing, saving you time and money. Web Center is a powerful web-based platform to review and approve graphical content from anywhere, anytime. Thoro is offering WebCenter to our customers as a solution to the many communication challenges in packaging and the artwork approval process. Our customers have secure online access to all of their packaging design information, with customizable, easy-to-use viewing and annotation tools to increase efficiency and throughput, saving time and money.

Thoro Packaging partners with Sun Chemical, the world’s leading provider of printing inks, and GFI Innovations for the best technology available for producing Pantone and custom match colors. Our two state-of-the-art Mx12 Dispensing Systems can mix custom inks to match anything, providing draw downs on actual stock so your projects print as expected every time; producing the ideal ink in terms of color, consistency and performance.

Delta-E is a valuable tool that can be used to determine color accuracy in our proofing systems, on our printing presses and on our monitors, to aid in process control.

Thoro Packaging controls Delta-E Values to further ensure accuracy of an ink match to your supplied standard.

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Thoro is committed to not only reducing our impact on the environment and natural resources, but also strives to offer as many options as possible to support our customers' sustainability efforts.

–Jan Steiner, President & CEO
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Thoro Packaging is committed to responsibly managing environmental matters as a vital part of our business. It is our policy to ensure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times and in all areas. Thoro is helping you go GREEN by offering many standard and optional green packaging solutions.

Sustainable packaging solutions

Cartons produced by Thoro are…

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Produced with 100% REC (Renewable Energy Credits)
  • Result in cleaner air
  • Printed w/ vegetable–based inks
  • Sustainable

Green Packaging Options

  • FSC® & SFI® Certified Paperboard
  • Recycled Paperboard
  • Carbon Neutral Printing
  • PPC Recyclable Logo
  • Recyclable Foil Board

Thoro Packaging is committed to continually improve the quality of our products and services for customer satisfaction.
We proudly maintain many high-standard, quality certifications including:

  • Qualified G7 Master Printer
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • cGMP Compliant
  • ISO 1267-2 Compliant
  • Team Quality Training

Thoro Defect-Free Packaging

Innovative and Automated Quality Control Solutions

Incorrect or illegible content increases exposure to regulatory and litigation risk. That’s why Thoro’s stringent quality control and assurance procedures resonate with healthcare and health & beauty corporations. Thoro’s first-in-class quality control systems utilize inspection software based on the latest pattern recognition technology. When appropriate, full press sheets, as well as individual cartons, are inspected for complete text, ink color, registration, glue dispersion and bar code verification.

100% Defect-Free Packaging

What can Thoro’s automated quality systems do for your brand?

  • Guarantee 100% defect-free packaging
  • Scan full press sheets for defects
  • Scan EVERY carton for defects
  • Ensure accurate color, graphic content, print quality, and absence of defects
  • Cartons with defects are automatically ejected without stopping the line
  • 100% text verification, to customer supplied file, in any language or alphabet
  • Verification using the most up-to-date defect detection technology available

All Thoro employees received training in team dynamics; basic statistical tools to use for continual improvements in teams.

Quality Goals Bonus Program – All employees participate in an annual bonus tied to quality and customer satisfaction.

Thoro Packaging has a range of printing options

  • Limitless color and coating capabilities
  • A library of aqueous and UV coatings
  • ThoroHD – High definition printing
  • FM/Stochastic Screening
  • Four-Color Process
  • PANTONE® Hexachrome Six-Color Process
  • Certified in-house PANTONE® ink formulating

Thoro has in-house hot stamping capabilities, that provide our customers with an array of special enhancements to customize their packaging. Embossing and debossing adds dimension to your folding cartons, including multi-level and pattern embossing for a truly engaging customer experience. Hot foil stamping is widely used to add elegance to your product cartons, and call attention to brand names and important details. Thoro also offers our customers printable foil options, creating a whimsical or sophisticated array of design and color that jumps off the shelf.

All of our hot stamping work is tightly registered for even the most detailed applications. Ask your Thoro sales representative for ideas and samples of our very creative hot stamped packaging.

You can rely on Thoro Packaging to Braille emboss your folding cartons to meet the needs of the visually impaired and pharmaceutical mandates in specific markets.

Thoro Packaging has established a standard to meet customer’s Braille requirements and to meet the highest quality demands. A blind embossing procedure has been integrated within the manufacturing process, reducing the number of production tools required, minimizing the overall number of processes and costs, and increasing efficiency.

Die-cutting and creasing are a demanding process that requires great skill. Thoro Packaging’s precision die cutting capabilities allow us to offer you some very intricate carton designs. By combining automation, accuracy and our team of highly experienced craftsman, Thoro Packaging is a leader in precision folding cartons. Offering the best in Swiss precision, Thoro Packaging has Bobst die cutters for the utmost, tightest registration tolerances possible.

Thoro Packaging recently invested in the latest finishing equipment, making our folding and gluing capabilities truly state-of-the-art. Built for both speed and precision, our new Bobst “ExperFold” equipment can deliver perfect folding and gluing even on the most intricate designs. Thoro’s Finishing Department can effeciently produce packaging with patterns that allow for quick expansion, multiple compartments, both cold and hot glue applications, and creative folds on a variety of board types.

We can handle both large and short runs effectively and are outfitted with the latest source tagging technology. Thoro cartons are guaranteed to perform well, whether machine or hand filled.