Environmentally Responsible Printing

The Thoro Packaging team is our most precious resource. Our skilled workforce enables us to meet our customers’ needs and remain competitive in a challenging economy. We are always on the lookout for ways to reward our dedicated and motivated employees. At the same time, we believe in giving back to our local community through both time and resources.


Employee safety is one of our top priorities at Thoro. All of our employees are empowered to stop a job at any time for either safety or quality reasons. A rigorous program of continuous training ensures compliance with safety regulations. In February 2012, Thoro was awarded the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) Director’s Safety Award “in recognition of completing 250,000 hours worked without an OSHA recordable incident.”

Safety is Rewarded

Thoro employees look forward to working safely because they know they will be rewarded for doing so. Our incentive plan uses our safety statistics as one of the metrics to calculate the year’s final share. In addition, safe work is rewarded at the 30, 90, 180, 270, and 365 day marks by giving the employees a pizza party, taco cart, free movie tickets, and a paid bonus day.


Healthy employees are happy employees. We offer a full medical plan, dental, free optometry, life insurance, and a 401k matching plan. Thoro employees are eligible for education reimbursement. In addition, Thoro believes in promoting from within if possible. Many of our top management positions are filled by people who started in entry-level positions and have worked their way up through hard work and dedication. Thoro Packaging is an equal opportunity employer; we believe that great employees come from many different backgrounds.

Wellness & Fun Committees

A Wellness Committee and a Fun Committee help provide healthy and entertaining alternatives for our employees.

Each year, a Wellness Fair is held in the Thoro parking lot and local businesses are invited to share their products. Employees are also given the opportunity to enter into fitness contests – our most recent contest gave away two Apple iPads to the winners!

The Fun Committee plans the Christmas party for employees and their partners and Thoro Day for employees and their families. Past Thoro Days have included visits to theme parks, dude ranches, mini-golf courses, and even Santa Catalina Island.


In recognition of Thoro’s human relations practices, the Printing Industries of America recently awarded Thoro with the Best Workplace of 2012. The award took into consideration our management practices, work environment, training and development opportunities, financial security, workplace health and safety, work-life balance, recognition and rewards, and health and wellness programs.

Thoro is partnered with Inland Empire Commuter Services to establish and maintain a ride sharing program. Fewer miles driven means our employees conserve gas money and their undriven cars produce less air pollution. Participating employees have been rewarded with gas, grocery, and gift cards.


Thoro sponsors education initiatives in order to promote responsible manufacturing. Our very own Dianne Vanover started the Trees Into Cartons – Cartons Into Trees (TICCIT) program that is so popular in elementary schools today. Each year in mid-April, Thoro representatives visit elementary schools and share the recycling message. After the students finish with their questions (and sometimes there are LOTS!), each child is given their own small tree to take home with them or donate to their school. Now being promoted by the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), children all throughout America are being introduced to recycling and environmental stewardship. Over 32,000 saplings have been planted throughout America due to the TICCIT program. Thanks for making the world a little bit greener, Dianne!

Thoro also sponsors high school and college students in the graphic and packaging arts. We partner with the teachers and professors to coordinate tours of Thoro and show their students how their studies are used in the business world. Last year, 149 students toured Thoro! Top students are occasionally invited to travel to conferences with Thoro and to intern in our structural design or prepress departments.

Hot & Cold

Our plant is temperature and humidity controlled by a hybrid of energy efficient swamp coolers and conventional air conditioning units.

Our employees benefit from a comfortable and productive work environment. Our customers, however, benefit from the increased consistency in printing. A change of just one degree in Fahrenheit will alter the ink viscosity by 3-4%. A 50% reduction in ink viscosity could occur with a temperature increase of just 12.5° F. (Source: Brad Evans, PIASC Weekly Update, August 20, 2012)