Environmentally Sustainable and Profitable

Thoro’s efficient production methods go hand-in-hand with our resource conservation efforts. Efficient manufacturing lets us use as few natural resources as possible to create our custom folding cartons.

Manufacturing Efficiencies

Incentive Plan

Thoro believes in sharing our prosperity with our employees. The Thoro employee incentive plan is calculated based on safety, profitability, and customer satisfaction metrics. Thoro employees can ensure a larger incentive for themselves by making sure that each job sent out is of the highest quality and is produced safely, ethically, and on time. Our customers can rest easy knowing that our employees are dedicated to producing the best folding cartons possible.

Thin-Client Network

Thoro has installed a thin-client network to reduce individual client terminal energy consumption, lower energy costs and cooling requirements. Thin clients average only about 25 watts of power usage compared to the 150-350 watts required by the average desktop PC.

It’s not just a carton. It’s your brand.

Every job that Thoro completes is of the highest quality. Our cartons are not just beautiful, but also functional containers to protect and transport the product inside. Thoro holds a G7 Master Printer certification on its Heidelberg printing presses. Our ISO 9001-2008 certification means fewer mistakes. Fewer mistakes mean less waste, which in turn saves our customers money.

Customer Efficiencies


Thoro offers an online proofing software called Webcenter which allows our customers to review virtual proofs for changes, production details and final approval. The Webcenter software reduces the need to print digital proofs for customers, and then eliminates transportation emissions from shipping proofs to customers and back to Thoro. The cost savings are substantial and Webcenter has quickly become a customer favorite. Over 130 customers are benefiting from this energy efficient and time saving software.


Through the use of “right-size” package design, Thoro assists our customers in reducing their carbon footprint. Right-sizing is the optimization of material strength, developed to best meet the content protection needs and merchandising requirements. We recently accomplished a 60%+ decrease in material usage and cost for one of our largest biotech customers by matching their current needs with the proper carton size. Let us see what we can do for you!


Reusing materials is an easy and fun way to produce less waste.

A local company uses our paper roll cores to produce cat condos. The thick cardboard tubes previously went to the landfill, but now they provide homes for happy cats all throughout southern California and beyond.

In addition, a local artist reuses our cutting dies to produce beautiful mixed media paintings. You can view her work at www.betsyenzensberger.com, or visit our Corona office to see her art in person.


Our efforts to produce the best boxes imaginable were very successful in 2012. We received three awards that recognized our employees’ hard work and tireless efforts.

First, we received the “2012 Partner of the Year” award from one of the largest cosmetics companies in the country.

Next came the “2012 Supplier Excellence” award from a medical device company in the top Fortune 500.

Finally, we received the Women’s Business Enterprise Council West’s “2012 Woman Owned Business – Supplier of the Year (Class 3)” award.

We are very proud of these awards and would like to thank our employees and customers for making them possible.